Make America Crazy Again

Fighting Trump with violent madness.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

Republicans want to kill children in schools and the elderly in nursing homes. When they’re not plotting to enslave black people, or conspiring with the Russians to rig elections, they want to destroy the planet and kill everyone living on it.

Every single human being.

These aren’t the ravings of a crazed bum getting high in an alley. They’re the daily broadcasts of CNN.

America is being run by the next best thing to Hitler who locks up children in cages for his own amusement. Not only did Trump personally kill half of Puerto Rico based on a random statistical survey of people willing to talk to leftist grad students  (the Washington Post had already declared that, “When it comes to extreme weather, the president is complicit”), but he’s a nationalist, which sounds like Nazi.

You don’t have to be crazy to make this stuff up. Most J-school graduates are stupid, ignorant and eager as parrots to imitate the cries of the birdbrains with the brightest plumage and the shrillest politics.

But they’re not crazy. They do however drive others crazy.

A new study in the Journal of American College Health claims that 1 out of 4 college students could develop PTSD because of the 2016 election. Of course that’s a headline from the Washington Post, which means even less than a statistical survey of a “diverse group” of undergrads from Arizona State.

Symptoms of the election trauma included college students trying to escape memories of the night that Hillary Clinton, like them, had to contemplate getting a real job for the first time in her miserable life. Other students, like Ben Rhodes, reported being unable to escape the traumatic memory of the day that everything the media had been saying was real for a year turned out to be completely made up.

But just because the trauma is stupid, doesn’t mean that it isn’t real.

From the “Dancing Plague” of 1518 to Trump Derangement Syndrome, people have a clear and unswerving ability to drive themselves mad. And the massive communications infrastructure around us manufactures its own reality. If you really believe that President Trump is destroying all life on earth, torturing children, and raping women, and plotting to bring back slavery, you would be worried.

And millions of lefties believe it. Why not? They read it in the Washington Post and heard it on CNN.

The media has a plan for winning elections and cashing in. Call it, “_Make America Crazy Again_”, and take the country back to the good old days of riots, terrorism and the poetry of unhinged radical paranoia.

Sure there are paid activists yelling at cabinet members in restaurants or running around the Senate screaming that anyone who voted for Kavanaugh is a rapist: every angry mob needs professional agitators to show it what to do. But there are also plenty of crazy people or people going crazy.

For every paid American Bridge tracker harassing Republican candidates on the campaign trail, there are ten crazy Maddow listeners or Occupy Democrats followers phoning in threats to mutilate their wives, daughters and dogs. And it only takes one of those ten, a guy named James Hodgkinson, to write up a hit list of House Freedom Caucus members and then open fire at a Republican charity baseball practice.

And for every Black Lives Matter paid racist agitator, there’s going to be a dozen thugs taking advantage of the chaos to loot stores, start fires and throw cinderblocks at police officers.

And somewhere in that mob will be another Micah X. Johnson waiting to open fire.

Paid agitators start riots. The angry, the crazy and the violent show up to the party. And then the homicidal psychos, the James Hodgkinsons and the Micah X. Johnsons, who aren’t content to spam memes on Facebook or donate to fringe socialist candidates through ActBlue, take it to the next level.

Make America Crazy Again begins with a few boys and girls with grants from the Ford Foundation or the Open Society Foundation. It ends with smoke in the air, screams in the night and bodies on the ground.

Harassment escalates to street violence. And then the street violence turns into terrorism.

Eventually Leftist thugs find someone willing to fight them, and the cosplayers of Weimar Germany batter each other on a hundred college campuses and across major cities. The violence becomes its own argument that political change can’t come from debate or democracy, only from physical force.

The Democrats, their media allies and the rest of the Left have been playing a disingenuous game, accusing President Trump and Republicans of the worst possible things in the world, and then pretending that violence against them isn’t justified because there’s an election coming up.

If you believe half the things that the media says about Trump and the Republicans, then violence is easily justifiable. If President Trump is the new Hitler and Republicans will cause the extinction of the human race, why not drive them out of restaurants, threaten to mutilate their children or shoot them?

If Trump really is a traitor who conspired with the Russians to seize power, why not assassinate him? If his minions are torturing and raping Mexican children in cages, while Rachel Maddow weeps, what’s the argument for moderation beyond a hollow appeal to the norms and niceties of the political process?

And if our election is controlled by the Russians, then a non-violent political process becomes hopeless.

The Left excels at making a compelling case for revolutionary violence against its political enemies. But the Democrats still want to play for the middle and pretend that their thugs aren’t waving the red rag. They want the bloody fistfights, the death threats and the shootings, without any of the accountability.

The hypocritical contradictions of Make America Crazy Again demand a doublethink of calls to violence and calls to moderation. On Tuesday, politicians ridicule the notion of civility, and on Wednesday, they call for its return. On Thursday, they celebrate Antifa, and on Friday, they bemoan all the violence. On Saturday, they claim that the Russians rigged the election, and on Sunday, offer elections as a solution.

The only thing this schizophrenic posturing does is drive the leftists taking their cues from it even crazier.

Their current position is that Trump’s violent rhetoric is undermining our political norms. So let’s call for an end to civility and publish fantasies about assassinating him in the New York Times. We must restore values in politics by threatening to murder Republicans. Our political culture has become toxic. We’ll fix it by dressing like giant private parts and screaming out our anguish at the sky.

If it looks crazy watching videos of the madness from the outside, imagine living it on the inside.

The media’s alternative to Make America Great Again is Make America Crazy Again. The contrast, as stark as the angry activists screaming at people in restaurants, are stark raving mad.

Make America Crazy Again aims to destroy this country. It’s stirring up conflict to undermine every value and institution. It’s unleashing a dangerous brand of madness, feeding violence for its own sake.

Just when the Left thought that it had finally won the argument, it lost control of the political system. And then, in the bitter dregs of defeat, it gave in to its worst impulses. It had always gotten high on its own rage. But, like the addict on the cusp of dropping out, it lost the ability to control its rage addiction.

Make America Crazy Again is a managed madness. But the infrastructure of activists and agitators can’t keep the madness leashed. Each fracture offers its own point of political no return, and its own high.

Madness can’t be managed. Violence has its own gravity. The Left is falling and taking America with it.