Mass Anarchy Descending on Syria

The grave jihadi threat on the horizon.

[](/sites/default/files/uploads/2013/06/Syrian-rebels.jpg)In Syria, immense anarchy is arising ever so quickly, foreshadowing a mass chaos which will soon take over the nation. Executions are being perpetrated  in the streets. Here is one video showing an execution of multiple people on a downtown plaza with many spectators:

Anarchy is coming, and its only going to be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood. Syria will then go right into the hands of Turkey, whose past Ottoman empire the Turks are striving to revive. A horrid holocaust of Christians will take place in the near future.

Meanwhile, weapons are being sent to the Syrian rebels, to whom McCain recently paid a visit. Training sessions are being conducted for the jihadists amongst the rebels.

Why is this happening? It is clear that Obama does not want to appear as another Bush, and so he wants to arm the Syrian rebels so that they can be strong enough to oust Assad. But, as of yet, Assad is still in power.

The US, Britain, NATO, Turkey, and France want Assad gone and are supporting the rebellion for this to happen. But, if the rebellion is unable to accomplish this in its current state, the Western allies, alongside Turkey, will most likely utilize NATO (as they did with Gaddafi) to execute a vicious strike on Syria, and once Assad is helpless, the rebels will be permitted to execute him.

With this done, Obama could say that the “Syrian people” have overthrown a tyrant. This is what happened with Saddam and very recently – and similarly – with Mubarak (with the exception that they have not killed him, at least not yet).

As I have predicted before, Syria will eventually be left to the Muslim Brotherhood, and ultimately, to Turkey, which will, in turn, diplomatically and slowly wrest Syria into its power with the appearance of making sure that Syria has a smooth political transition to a new regime. There will be much talk of peace, but with Syria in Turkey’s grasp, there will a grave threat to the West and free peoples everywhere.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny.

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