'May Allah Curse The Jews': Watchdog Exposes Anti-Semitism Festering In Cleveland

Professionals and student activists proclaim their Jew hatred loud and proud on social media.

In the past few months, we’ve witnessed an assortment of leftist groups trying their best to advance a discredited and pernicious narrative that attempts to link the current administration with a spike in white nationalist anti-Semitism. There is little if any empirical data to support this contention. In fact, we now know that those responsible for the majority of bomb threats directed against Jewish community centers across the U.S. have absolutely no connection to white nationalist groups. One was a Bernie Sanders supporter while the other was a deranged teen who resides in Israel, whose motivation for making the prank calls still remains unclear. Their arrests have all but deflated the storyline peddled by the left.

Unfortunately, these very leftist groups – including the Southern Poverty Law Center and the fringe Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect – which did their best to derail Trump with hoaxes and false narratives pertaining to anti-Semitism have remained disgracefully silent in the face of real Jew hatred on college campuses across the United States. 

Most of the anti-Semitism that Jewish students and students who support Israel must endure on a daily basis originates from campus groups like the Muslim Students Association (MSA), Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), and the Arab Students Union (ASU). These groups, are to varying degrees, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and routinely espouse rabid Jew hatred and vile anti-Semitic canards. According to the campus watchdog group Amcha, the probability of anti-Semitic activity is eight times more likely to occur on campuses where these pernicious groups maintain an active presence.

The left’s shameful silence in regards to the scourge of Muslim anti-Semitism is simple to understand. Exposure of this malevolency and its Islamo-fascist undertone runs counter to the narrative that the left wishes to project. Administration and academic officials at colleges and universities across the America, who have done their best to downplay the growing problem of Muslim anti-Semitism on their respective campuses are equally culpable in this disgraceful charade. To the extent that such anti-Semitic activity is recognized, it is usually lumped together with “Islamophobia” in a transparent effort to mitigate nefarious anti-Semitic activities spearheaded by the SJP, ASU and MSA and maintain a perverse moral equivalence. 

Fortunately, various watchdog groups have done an excellent job in exposing the rot and shaming both administration officials and hate-spewing Muslim campus groups and affiliated individuals. One such group, known as Canary Mission, maintains and active database on college students and professors whose political opinions have clearly crossed the line into overt anti-Semitism. 

The database is continuously updated and features a brief bio of the subject’s student affiliations and accomplices as well as screenshots of the subject’s social media history and links to their social media accounts. Once exposed, many of the profiled students, cognizant of the negative ramifications that such exposure would have on the prospect of future employment, close their social media accounts or change their privacy settings.

Canary Mission has recently completed an exhaustive report covering the Greater Cleveland area. The report zeroes in on 21 college students and professionals, whose social media accounts are liberally laced anti-Semitic invective as well as anti-black and anti-gay commentary. The report covers students from six Cleveland universities and colleges and includes members affiliated with Students for Justice in Palestine, the Muslim Students Association and Arab Student Union. 

The compiled comments are beyond shocking and reveal the true nexus between the MSA, SJP and ASU and outright Jew hatred. For example, Wala Mohammad is a student at Cleveland State University. She is also the treasurer of CSU’s SJP chapter in addition to being a member of the MSA. On July 6, 2016 she tweeted, “May Allah curse the Jews.” Her hatred is not limited to Jews as she also tweeted several homophobic slurs. 

Moe Hamdan is another rancid individual profiled by Canary Mission. Hamdan attends Cuyahoga Community College and is affiliated with the MSA. His twitter feed is laced with anti-Semitic canards, Holocaust denial and conspiracy theories. In one post, he provides a link to a video that features former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and urges his twitter followers to ““Wake up and see what Israel is doing to USA, Iran, and Europe.”

Mohammad’s and Hamdan’s social media posts are typical of the remaining 19 people profiled by Canary Mission. The common thread that binds them are their affiliations with various anti-Semitic Muslim supremacist groups like the SJP, MSA and ASU. It is incumbent on college officials to take action against these campus hate groups and expel them forthwith. Framing the issue as one of free speech, as some university officials have attempted to do is disingenuous at best and exposes the duplicitous attitude that many universities have adopted when addressing racism on campus. It appears that some groups require less protection than others.