The Minnesomalia One-Two

Brother’s keeper Ilhan Omar aims to take over Keith Ellison’s role in Congress.

“Tonight we are celebrating because we engaged and empowered our community and we won!” exclaimed Ilhan Omar in an August 14 press release. “Our campaign staff, our volunteers, and the people of the Fifth Congressional District are the inspiration we need to get up every day and fight for a democracy that guarantees a more just and equitable society. Together, each and every one of us are the inspiration we need to keep fighting for a democracy that gets us closer to the American promise of prosperity for all and the hope for a better tomorrow. The inspiration we need to keep fighting for the America we deserve. Together, we will move our district, our state and our nation forward.”

As the first African refugee elected to Congress, Ilhan Omar “will bring a unique perspective and new energy to our nation’s capital. She will fight for working families so they are paid a living wage and have access to affordable housing and healthcare; for students to make college more affordable and debt forgiveness for those struggling to repay education loans; for immigrants and refugees to stop family separations, abolish ICE, and protect DACA.” And so on, but there’s more to the Somalia-born candidate.

In “The Curious Case of Ilhan Omar,” Minnesota attorney Scott Johnson noted “the fact that she is not legally married to the man she advertises as the husband and the father of her three children. In fact, she is legally married to another man—who may be her brother.” A SomaliSpot post charged that “Omar had married the man touted as her husband in 2002 before marrying her brother for fraudulent purposes in 2009.”

Johnson checked the story through the Minnesota Official Marriage System and found “the site reflected Omar’s 2002 marriage to her advertised husband, Ahmed Aden (later Ahmed Hirsi), and her 2009 marriage to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi (identified in the SomaliSpot post as Omar’s brother).” Ilan Omar refused to be interviewed on the subject, and when Johnson ran it by the campaign, attorney Jean Brandle responded, “There are people who do not want an East African, Muslim woman elected to office and who will follow Donald Trump’s playbook to prevent it. Ilhan Omar’s campaign sees your superfluous contentions as one more in a series of attempts to discredit her candidacy.” And of course, it was racist bigotry even to inquire.

As Johnson notes, reporter Preya Samsundar found information suggesting that legal husband Ahmed Nur Said Elmi “is indeed her brother.” Despite a “systematic purge” of the online evidence, Samsundar tracked down Elmi, who told her in an email he was not “affiliated with anyone in your articles” and “Nor do I recall being married to anyone. At least, from what I remember.”

A Mother Jones account said Omar survived a scandal “after a conservative blog reported on her two messy marriages. (The part about her marrying her own brother was not true.)” She was “a fresh new face in politics” and “wants to make America decent again.” For Jaylani Hussein of Minnesota’s CAIR chapter, Ilhan Omar “shows America can elect a Muslim woman who is everything that this country seems to be pushing away. She’s a symbol of the resistance to this idea that Muslims are a threat.”

Ilhan Omar voted against a bill that made it a felony for parents to subject daughters to female genital mutilation. So she doesn’t exactly want women to control their own bodies. She has described Israel as an “apartheid state” and tweeted “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them to see the evil doings of Israel.” True to form, CAIR is backing Omar in her congressional race, holding three fundraising events in California. One of her supporters also boasts a curious profile.

In his own campaigns for office, and in his work for Ilhan Omar, Somali immigrant Guhaad Said neglected to note that in 2015 he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in Ohio. According to the police report, the victims bore multiple cuts and lacerations from being stabbed with a knife. Said is reportedly working closely with Ilhan Omar’s campaign and enforces the silence on the identity of her official husband.

That business recalls the Quranic injunction against a man divorcing a wife by declaring her to be his mother. Such men should know that “their wives are not their mothers.” As Richard Grenier observed in The Marrakesh One-Two, there had been a lot of confusion about that until Mohammed cleared it up. Brother’s keeper Ilhan Omar seems to have given it a new twist, and for the establishment media it doesn’t matter who you love. And for its part, the ACLU has not raised questions about separation of mosque and state.

Meanwhile, leftists Amy Alexander (2006) and Karen Monahan (2016) claimed that CAIR and Farrakhan favorite Keith Ellison abused them. Even so, the Muslim DNC deputy chair won the primary in his quest to become Minnesota’s attorney general. Ilhan Omar seeks to replace Ellison in Congress and faces Republican Jennifer Zielinski on November 6.