Minnquisition Part Deux

Leftist educrats demonize Disney, indoctrinate students and intimidate parents.

[Read Part 1: CLICK HERE. To learn more about the Freedom Center’s fight against K-12 indoctrination, visit StopK12Indoctrination.org.]

In the Edina, Minnesota, public schools, leftist educrats have been indoctrinating eighth-grade students in racist “white privilege” dogma under the guise of a 21st century “literacy” class. As parents discovered, this class turned out far more illiterate and oppressive than they originally feared.

“They were discussing in class how Disney movies are both sexist and racist,” one parent noted on social media. “One whole class period was spent on how they were sexist, and another entire class period was spent on how they were racist.”

One student argued that argue that Beauty and the Beast character Belle read books and was not interested in a man or husband. The teacher countered that when Belle trades herself for her father as the prisoner of the Beast, she was suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome,” which may have left the 13-year-olds puzzled.

In 1973, thieves took four hostages from the Sveriges Kreditbank and held them for six days. One hostage told Swedish prime minister Olaf Palme she trusted her captors but feared that she would die in a police raid. The syndrome was also on display when newspaper heiress Patricia Hurst developed a bond with her Symbionese Liberation Army captors and helped them rob a bank.

This syndrome has nothing to do with Beauty and the Beast but the leftist Edina indoctrinators see the oppression of women everywhere. As one parent lamented, “it makes my stomach churn thinking about that class,” which also taught kids that Disney’s The Little Mermaid was sexist because Prince Eric fell in love with Ariel even though she didn’t have a voice.

The indoctrinators also forced the kids to watch Mickey Mouse Monopoly: Disney, Childhood and Corporate Power, which purports to expose how Disney disguises “race, gender and class” as innocence and fun. The film was written by Chyng Sun, a “Clinical Professor of Media Studies at NYU School of Professional Studies,” who has taught “race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality issues.” Dr. Chyng’s Mickey Mouse Monopoly and Latinos Beyond Reel “are widely used by educators and trainers working in diversity and inclusion issues,” as Edina parents discovered. They should know that the targeting of Disney is hardly accidently.

On many campuses, it is now forbidden to say “America is a land of opportunity,” and Walt Disney confirms that it is. The genial midwesterner achieved great success making the kind of movies people wanted to see. In 1937, Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs grossed $8 million, a staggering amount for the time.

Walt Disney was also a staunch American patriot who during World War II made films for every branch of the U.S. military. Even so, American Communists did not like Disney.

The Communist Party’s People’s Daily World charged that Disney’s 1946 Song of the South “casts a golden glow over southern slave days” and “furthers the evil Jim Crow in a forum calculated to appeal to most moviegoers.” The film’s writer, Maurice Rapf, was a Communist who blamed Trotsky for wrecking the Party and maintained allegiance to Stalin long after his mass atrocities were exposed.

In 1947, Disney further enraged the Communists by testifying to the House Committee on Un-American Activities.  “A Communist group was trying to take over my artists and did take them over,” Disney said. And all over the world, “Commie groups began smear campaigns against me and my pictures.” Mickey Mouse Monopoly is part of that legacy, but the Edina indoctrinators surpassed the default demonology.

One teacher told students that Legos are a sexist toy, because they are now available in pink and purple. Teachers also criticized students who said there were only two genders, ironic because all re-tooling and tuck-and-roll jobs are literally constructs. The Edina indoctrinators, on the other hand, believe the male and female genders are constructs of oppressive patriarchal-capitalist-racist society. 

“There is no hope that this will change anytime soon,” one Edina parent lamented on social media. Another agreed that “it’s embedded into the entire school system and infiltrated into every class.” Therefore, “legal action is the only hope for change,” and that parent has a case on several fronts.

If targeting vulnerable 13-year-olds with racist ideology is not child abuse, it’s hard to imagine what might be. Depriving students of their right to free speech could also spur legal action, and the Minnquisition could qualify as educational malpractice. That is the larger issue in play.

Edina indoctrinators did not screen Disney’s 1982 Night Crossing, the true story of the Strelzyk family’s escape from East Germany in a hot-air balloon. Government monopoly education is a domestic East Germany, a collective farm of ignorance, mediocrity and failure.

In Edina and across the country this oppressive monopoly indoctrinates captive students with leftist junkthought and intimidates their parents. State and national leaders have no moral, legal, or educational justification for allowing this system to continue.

The Trump administration should work for full parental choice in K-12 education as a matter of basic civil rights. That would be change all parents and students could believe in, and it would help make America greater than ever.