Mr. Mueller Goes To Jerusalem

Unhinged Russia collusion investigation spreads to Israel.

Robert Mueller’s criminal probe of President Donald Trump, his associates and the Trump campaign has passed the 1-year benchmark, and the DOJ-appointed special counsel is no closer to proving Russian collusion or obstruction of justice than when he first commenced his investigation. What Mueller has succeeded in doing is wasting in excess of $20 million in taxpayer money.

Actually, Mueller’s investigation may not have been a complete waste for it inadvertently succeeded in exposing the rot and sewage of the deep state. Thus far, five FBI and DOJ officials involved with Mueller and his McCarthy-like witch hunt have been fired or demoted. More demotions, terminations and possible criminal indictments of officials at the highest levels are expected as more of what has hitherto been unknown is unearthed through the efforts of Congress and NGOs like Judicial Watch.

The latest disgrace to hit the deep state is the revelation of an anti-Trump spy ring run out of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia under the stewardship of former CIA director and party hack, John Brennan, in the hope of entrapping Trump campaign staffers and advisers. James Comey and James Clapper, the former directors of the FBI and National Intelligence respectively, also played their roles in this nefarious scheme. Add to this the disclosure of egregious government FISA and unmasking abuses under the Obama administration and you have the makings of the biggest and most consequential political scandal in United States history. Watergate will look like child’s play by comparison.

But despite hitting multiple brick walls, Mueller continues to trudge along with his unwieldly and unfocused investigation. It has taken him a year to secure indictments and guilty pleas on a few peripheral figures on matters having nothing to do with his original mandate. Additional indictments have been secured against Russian entities and individuals who will never set foot in the U.S.

Mueller has now set his sights on, of all places, Israel. The special counsel has sent agents to Israel – no doubt on private government jets – to investigate the activities of an Israeli social media company which employed former members of Israeli intelligence and collected user data ostensibly for the purpose of manipulating public opinion. Their target is Joel Zamel who headed the company and allegedly met with Trump or his associates during the campaign and visited the White House after Trump’s inauguration. 

There is not a shred of evidence that Trump retained the services of Mr. Zamel or that Mr. Zamel’s firm engaged in any scheme to manipulate social media data for the benefit of Trump’s campaign. There is however, more than ample evidence of the fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign retained the services of a British national to obtain a Russian sourced dossier, filled with salacious and unverified material, and that that dossier then formed the basis of an overly broad FISA warrant targeting Trump staffers. But Mueller and his Democratic amen corner seem uninterested in this egregious display of government abuse and overreaching. Nor are they interested in investigating documented claims of how Google, a company with close pecuniary ties to the Clinton campaign, manipulated its auto-complete feature to suppress negative coverage of Hillary Clinton. Mueller and his partners in crime are besotted with Trump and will stop at nothing to obtain their proverbial pound of flesh.

The irony of Mueller’s allegation of potential Israeli meddling in the 2016 election cannot be overstated. During the hotly contested Israeli election of 2015, the Obama administration did its best to subvert the Israeli Likud Party headed by Barack Obama’s arch nemesis, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  A number of high-level, former Obama campaign operatives worked relentlessly with a left-wing NGO called OneVoice and its left-wing Israeli affiliate V-15 (Victory 2015) in a failed bid to unseat Netanyahu during the nation’s 2015 parliamentary elections. Moreover, the Obama State Department issued a grant to OneVoice to the tune of $350,000. A subsequent bi-partisan Senate inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the grant issued findings critical of the State Department’s handling of the matter.

It is clear that Mueller, having run into one brick wall after another, is grasping at straws, and the Israel angle is just another manifestation of his desperation. Mueller’s charade of an investigation has run its course. It is time for the DOJ or Congress or the president to put an end to this colossal waste of taxpayer money.