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Forensic Files recalls rape and murder of Cally Jo Larson by false-documented Mexican illegal.

Since the 2016 campaign, leftist Democrats have been blasting President Trump for speaking out against violent criminal illegals who rape and murder. Those who seek examples of such crimes might take a look at the “The Music Case,” a 2004 Forensic Files episode again making the rounds. 

In Wauseca, Minnesota, 12-year-old Cally Jo Larson, a bright student fond of gymnastics, is found murdered in her home. The police have no suspects but a string of  burglaries leads them to Lorenzo Sanchez, who possesses items from the crime scene, such as a CD case. The episode shows how other evidence helped convict him, but there’s more to the story.

As the narrator explains, Lorenzo Sanchez is an “illegal immigrant” from Mexico, but the episode does not explain that he had been deported twice and served a month in jail the previous year. Prosecutors and the judge knew the Mexican national was an illegal with false documents but failed to act on that reality. They let Sanchez remain in Minnesota and eight days before the murder he was picked up by police but released. 

The Mexican wandered around Wauseca burglarizing houses and broke into the Larson home through a basement door. The burglar encountered Cally Jo, who had just returned from school. 

When police arrive, they find the teen stabbed through the chest, but the episode fails to convey the crime’s full horror.

The Mexican illegal tied up and raped the 12-year-old before stabbing her in the chest. That done, he wrapped an electrical cord around Cally Jo’s neck and strung up her bleeding body from a staircase banister. An hour later, Jayme Larson, 16, found her sister there. 

“I can’t even stay home alone in my own house,” Jayme told reporters. “My life will not be the same.”

Forensic Files shows how the killer tried to pin the rape-murder on his brother Pedro, also an illegal immigrant and in prison at the time. The episode does not show Lorenzo claiming that U.S. authorities violated his rights by not telling him he could consult with Mexican officials. 

Based on the evidence, the court found Sanchez guilty but the Forensic Files episode fails to show the leniency of the sentence. Authorities dropped four charges, including criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping, and the rapist-murderer got a life sentence, with possibility of parole, for which he will be eligible in 2030. 

A four-year sentence for burglary is being served concurrently, and as one report noted, “he might eventually go free.” After the sentencing, the murderer’s brother Miguel told reporters “he doesn’t think that his brother committed the crime and that he confessed only because he was depressed and wanted to get the matter over with.” 

As Cally Jo’s mother Connie Larson said after the sentencing, “I’m unable to forgive an evil man who committed an evil act.” The term evil does seem to apply, given the circumstances.

Lorenzo Sanchez, or whatever his real name is, was not supposed to be in the United States in the first place. This criminal gained entry by breaking U.S. immigration law, just as he broke into houses in Wauseca, Minnesota, where violent crime was rare. 

The Mexican criminal was deported but again violated U.S. law. U.S. authorities knew he was illegal but failed to deport him again, and failed to arrest him only eight days before the rape, murder and hanging of Cally Jo Larson. 

This is what happens when U.S. officials fail to enforce the law and allow violent criminals to enter and remain in the United States. American taxpayers bear all the costs of this criminal’s incarceration, and the government of Mexico has contributed nothing.

Those who think President Trump exaggerates violent crime by illegals might review this episode. Those who object to his travel ban might watch “Honor Thy Father,” a Forensic files episode about Zein Isa, a PLO and Abu Nidal colleague who brought his family to the United States in 1985. 

Isa’s daughter Tina played soccer, was popular with boys, went to the prom, listened to popular music and worked part time. For that Isa beat her. The father planned to arrange a marriage for Tina, who took a shine to American Clifford Walker, who was black. This enraged Isa, who called Tina a “she-devil” and stabbed her six times with a boning knife, piercing her heart, lungs and liver.

Zein Isa died in prison before he could be executed. The Forensic Files episode makes clear his utter disregard for U.S. law, including the law against murder. The episode is  a better primer on Islamic culture than anything that comes out of CAIR or the politically correct courses in government schools.

Likewise, “The Music Case” is a stronger case against criminal illegals than anything from the DNC and its media allies. If false-documented criminal illegals were deported at the first opportunity and denied reentry, Cally Jo Larson, Kate Steinle and countless others would be alive today.