Muslim Murderers and Christian Victims in Nigeria

While the Left screams about 'Islamophobia' in America, Christians face martyrdom in Islamic lands.

As the self-appointed guardians of all that is virtuous and just incessantly berate as “Islamophobic”  their compatriots who entertain second thoughts about importing Islamic culture into the West, these same self-avowed agents of “tolerance” utter not a peep regarding the murderous persecution to which Christians and other religious minorities are daily subjected throughout the Islamic world (and beyond).

Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) is one organization that exists to raise awareness of this crisis.

In at least 50 countries around the globe, Christians suffer “severe” oppression.  Most of these countries—about 80%–have near exclusively Muslim majority populations.

Take, for example, “Amina.”  Amina is a Nigerian woman who, in 2011, was staying with her friend “Charity” and the latter’s children when their village was besieged by Islamic militants firing guns.

Charity was ill and Amina was nearly seven months pregnant when the militants began raining down gunfire.  Since their home was surrounded by a “high wall,” the women lead the children out of the house toward the back and helped them climb over it.  Unfortunately, however, given their own respective conditions, neither Charity nor Amina were capable of climbing the wall themselves.

“I was six months then, going on seven, and my stomach was big,” Amina recalls.  She proceeded to search out a room in which to hide when she took a bullet to her leg.  

Her sick friend dragged Amina into the house and found her a hiding space before finding one herself. 

Yet to no avail.  Amina’s gun wound left a trail of blood that her Muslim assailants were able to track easily enough once they overcame the compound.   Kicking in the door to the room in which she was hiding, they began to attack poor Amina with….machetes.

They attacked her with machetes.

Let this sink in:  American leftists are apoplectic over the prospect of halting Islamic immigration to the United States, say, or—God forbid!—the expectation that “moderate” Muslims should denounce Islamic terror.

In glaring contrast, these same social justice warriors say nothing about the phenomenon of pregnant Christian women being awaken in the dead of night and butchered by machete and gun-wielding Muslim men.  

Amina’s tormentors didn’t finish her off.  They left her for dead and proceeded to rampage through the rest of the village.  Charity found Amina in a pool of her own blood and tried to get her medical attention. 

The problem, though, is that the motorbikes in the town had been destroyed by the marauders. Thankfully, however, Charity prevailed upon a Nigerian army patrol that transported Amina to a hospital.

Amina survived, and after four months, she was finally able to leave the hospital.  Yet because of the immense blood loss that she suffered, she lost the baby that she had been carrying.  Also, such was the severity of the injuries that she sustained that Amina to this day is incapable of walking properly. 

Thus, she is unable to lend her husband and their family the financial assistance that she would’ve otherwise provided.

To make matters even worse, Amina’s family home and all of their possessions were destroyed in a fire ignited by their Muslim oppressors.

Amina expresses her gratitude to Voice of the Martyrs for furnishing her and her family with the funds that they’ve needed for her to get the treatment and provisions that she needed to recover from her attack. 

Remarkably—but both unsurprisingly and uncommon for devout Christians like Amina who have lost virtually all to monsters who target them because of their faith—Amina has forgiven her oppressors.  “I don’t have any bad intention against them,” she remarks.  “Our prayer is that they should understand that what they are doing is not good [.]”  She insists that she has “forgiven them” and expresses hope “that they will be saved [.]”

Notice: Neither Amina nor her family nor Charity nor, for that matter, any other Christian that has suffered so senselessly in theses bastions of virulent Islamic persecution declaims their persecutors as “infidels,” much less calls for their deaths. 

Instead, they try to forgive them.  And Amina, for her part, also admits to praying regularly “that in all of this suffering that I am passing through” God “will give me courage” to withstand anything “that…will tempt me to turn back from Him.”

Amina’s forgiveness, though, shouldn’t be interpreted as passivity.  She is adamant when she claims that her and her fellow oppressed Christians in Nigeria “want the world to know that Christians in norther Nigeria are passing through persecution.”  Muslims, she continues, “go and pick weapons and they hunt us in the night to take our lives, and they do all [these] things because of the name of Jesus.”

Amina concludes: “If we agree to become Muslims they will let us be, but because they see that we refuse, they keep on hunting us.”

As I document in my latest book, The American Offensive: Dispatches from the Front (Stairwell Press), Amina’s experience is all too common.

But all the left can talk about is “Islamophobia” in America.