Muslim Riots and Leftist Willful Blindness

The train wreck of mass Islamic immigration in Europe -- and the mass denial about it.

[](/sites/default/files/uploads/2013/06/Stockholm-riots-Sweden-008.jpg)The May 2013 riots in certain immigrant-dominated suburbs of Stockholm raised eyebrows abroad. While I found them disturbing I cannot say that I was totally surprised by them. I’ve consistently warned against such a likely outcome under this pen name for what is now nearly a decade.

The political elites not just in Sweden but also in neighboring Denmark, Finland and Norway watched nervously as the events unfolded. Clearly, major riots by immigrants no longer take place just in slightly more distant Paris or London, but now also in the largest city in the Nordic region. The problems are getting closer.

As usual, the comments from Denmark have tended to be the most sensible ones, with the newspaper Jyllands-Posten publishing an editorial about “The Swedish Lie”. The ethnologist Karl-Olov Arnsberg and the journalist Gunnar Sandelin in their book Invandring och mörkläggning (“Immigration and Cover-up”) describe sensitive facts about immigration which are hardly ever mentioned in the mainstream media in Sweden. Swedish mass media are quite possibly the most repressive, censored and totalitarian of any Western country, which is why some dissidents choose to write under pseudonyms such as “Julia Caesar” for websites abroad.

In Norway, the former soldier Aslak Fløgstad Nore is a journalist and author of spy novels who has for some unknown reason been hailed as a brave intellectual, telling truths others don’t dare to tell. One of his idols is Sweden’s Jan Guillou, a far-Left activist and writer with pro-Islamic sympathies who, apart from being an author of spy thrillers, was paid multiple times by the KGB for providing them with sensitive information.

In addition to being an editor at Gyldendal, one of the largest publishing houses in Norway, Nore is a regular columnist at VG, the country’s largest national newspaper. On May 26 2013, Nore published a commentary in VG on the “enigmatic” Swedes after Stockholm had been rocked by a full week of riots on a scale unprecedented in modern Scandinavian history.

What were his views on the causes of these riots? Well, for one thing Nore assured us that they had little to do with Islam, despite the fact that even left-wing newspapers show video clips where shouts of “Allahu akbar”! may be heard from residents of these heavily Muslim-dominated suburbs when Swedish police officers are attacked.

Instead, Mr. Nore blamed the obligatory “racism” of the white natives, especially alleged police racism, for partly triggering the riots. Finally, he blamed the “Swedish class society” for these problems. Yes, really. Nore defines himself as a member of the political Left and is a Social Democrat, but his above-mentioned analysis is straightforward Marxism at its core. His father Kjartan Fløgstad is an established author influenced by Marxist ideology. Nore didn’t foresee similar riots coming to Norway, although he admitted that the percentage of immigrants is actually higher in Oslo than it is in Stockholm.

Just to enlighten the ignorant Mr. Nore: Oslo has previously experienced major riots involving Muslim immigrants plus their left-wing extremist allies. I know, because I was there. In the very heart of the country’s capital city on January 8, 2009, a peaceful demonstration in support of Israel gathered in front of the Parliament (Stortinget). This triggered sizeable and very violent counter-demonstrations, broken windows and stone-throwing plus the mandatory shouts of “Allahu akbar!” Eventually, the police had to use large amounts of tear gas at the very doorsteps of the nation’s Parliament to disperse the thugs. Some Muslims afterwards walked around central Oslo looking for people they thought might be Jewish, so they could beat them up.

In the daily Aftenposten, their regular commentator Inger Anne Olsen, who has earlier stated in the same newspaper that hardline Muslims should of course have the right to work to overthrow our society and institute sharia laws, believed that Oslo could experience similar riots in the future. She was happy, though, that unlike the police in Sweden (and virtually every other European country apart from Britain), the police in Norway are normally unarmed and therefore appear less threatening and provocative to criminal gangs. Her recommendation for how to avoid future riots was to engage in tough urban planning and build more housing districts.

Oslo is at the moment one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, largely due to mass immigration. Some migrants come from European countries such as Poland, but a large proportion of them come from dysfunctional and economically backward non-Western nations. The ruling political and media elites take it for granted that this will continue indefinitely and that there is nothing the natives can or should do about it. Wave after wave of non-European immigrants will continue to pour across the weakly-controlled borders. They will not only be allowed to settle temporarily but will normally gain citizenship after a while and then continue fetching spouses and family members from their original homelands.

Oslo is the capital city of a country that straddles the Arctic Circle and gained its full independence in the early twentieth century when it had no colonies, yet Oslo already today contains more ethnic groups than there are member states of the United Nations. Questioning whether this is good or necessary is totally unacceptable in polite society, and could lose you not just your social standing but your job as well. Not only are the natives expected to continue funding their own colonization and ethnic dispossession; they are expected to actively celebrate their national destruction as a great and wonderful thing. This is true all over Western Europe.

Even after the riots in Sweden, few establishment commentators or parties asked whether one should perhaps reduce or – God forbid – stop immigration from the cultures that were largely responsible for these riots. It was taken for granted that immigration should continue as before. A new borderless world is being presented as the inevitable result of the flow of history, virtually beyond human control, just like a classless Communist world was once (falsely) viewed as “inevitable.” The remaining question is how much more money law-abiding white natives should give to these “socially disadvantaged youths” who are causing crime and burning cars or schools.

The political and media elites import Third World peoples en masse. When they start acting like Third World peoples, the ruling elites are always surprised and point fingers at the (rapidly dwindling) white majority population for supposedly causing this with their alleged “racism and social discrimination.” Their solution is nearly always to give more money to those who cause riot and mayhem, paid for by law-abiding citizens.

Libe Rieber-Mohn of the Labour Party, the Deputy Mayor of Oslo, was concerned that riots similar to those in Stockholm could happen at some point in the future in Oslo also due to “class differences.” No mention of cultural differences, which might have been closer to the truth.

Norway has considerable wealth if the form of oil and natural gas offshore, in the North Sea and elsewhere. Yet several well-researched reports have been published over the years indicating that non-Western immigration is so extremely costly when all aspects are considered that it may take all of Norway’s oil wealth to fund it.

I once confronted John Olav Egeland, a political commentator in the left-wing daily Dagbladet, on Twitter and asked him whether his newspaper would apologize for having falsely claimed for decades that this mass immigration is “good for the economy,” a lie which has cost the country untold billions in unnecessary expenses. His answer was no. His newspaper viciously demonized individuals such as MP Øystein Hedstrøm from the Progress Party when they tried in the 1990s to raise the issue of how much immigration costs.

In a particularly ridiculous essay, the columnist Aslak Nore declared in November 2010 that “smart” immigrants from Pakistan, Turkey and Chechnya will be “the new oil” after Norway’s oil wells run dry. He seemed to imply that there is something wrong with the brains of the natives, since these are inadequate and need to be replaced by non-European ones. Of course, if you look into the taboo subject of genetic intelligence measured in mean IQ, saying that Pakistanis or Turks have “smarter” brains than northern Europeans is utter nonsense.

If that were the case, then why are they incapable of producing innovative economies? Furthermore, you can look at technological achievements, or the fact that a tiny Nordic country like Norway has produced more Nobel Prize winners than the entire Islamic world combined, including large countries such as Pakistan and Turkey.

In the spring of 2013, the business daily Finansavisen in Norway published a series of articles detailing just how costly the ongoing mass immigration is in simple monetary terms. In Denmark, the historian and author Morten Uhrskov Jensen published the 2012 book Indvandringens pris (“The Price of Immigration”) which shows the exact same pattern. It’s not just about Muslim immigration, although that is an extreme case due to the increased threat of terrorism and other issues, but essentially all mass immigration from backward non-European societies to developed Western countries. We see the same pattern with Mexicans in the USA, for instance. Plainly stated, Third World immigration is followed by Third World problems, rising crime and welfare costs combined with reduced competitiveness.

Aslak Nore thus uses the largest national newspaper in his country to publish utter nonsense without any basis in fact, coupled with Marxist-inspired gibberish about “class structure” and “racism.” It is for this reason that I once called him the Paris Hilton of Norwegian intellectual life. I kind of regret that comment in hindsight, as it’s a little unfair to Paris Hilton. She’s not that stupid.

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