NeverTrumpers and the Future of the Republic

A matter of integrity….or hubris?

Many NeverTrumpers espouse the sentiment that, by not voting for Trump, they are keeping their integrity intact and staying true to their principles.  Good Lord, the high mightiness of it all.

Is this really a matter of integrity?  Or is it hubris?

Think of the Constitutional Convention.  One of the main bones of contention was the issue of the slave trade, indeed of slavery itself.  Of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention, about 25 owned slaves.  There were northern delegates that were adamantly opposed to slavery and many others that demanded federal regulation of the slave trade.

Whatever one thinks of Trump and his stance, for instance, on “free trade,” it pales in comparison to the issue of human bondage and the slave trade.  The Founders were arguing over issues much more paramount than Donald Trump’s “temperament.”  And yet, they came together with a compromise that codified and indeed, strengthened slavery, at least in the short term.  Why? 

The answer is simple.  Divided, America would fall, to be carved up by European powers, and the nation we know as the United States would never have existed.  There was tremendous debate and huge disagreement over a great number of issues during the Constitutional Convention, slavery and the slave trade only being one of them. 

Is this analogy overly dramatic?  I don’t think so.  Too many conservatives have a complete lack of understanding of the Left, their intentions and purpose and their utterly destructive goals.  Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine and the rest of the leadership of the Democratic Party have run far afield of the Party of JFK, Harry Truman and even Jimmy Carter.  The Party is now led by hard core Alinskyite Leftists who, if they win, will complete the transformation that Barack Obama has started.  He has only been partially successful, but he has set the table and Hillary, getting her due, is, if nothing else very dogged and determined.  She will complete the task.  Forget the scandals and corruption for the moment; they are only devices for her and the Party to secure power.  It is power that the Left seeks, power to destroy what American represents.  To ignore the Democratic Party’s true intentions while refusing to vote for Trump under the guise of “principle” could be the fatal flaw which leads to the downfall of our Republic.

A Union was forged despite the vast gulf between those dedicated to freedom and those supporting slavery, solely because the Founders were men that were able to set aside their differences and their own stances of principle and pride.  Oh that we had such men with us today that were not easily consumed by their own hubris.