New Freedom Center Pamphlet: Islamic Anti-Semitism in the United States

Robert Spencer reveals how the rise of anti-Semitism is not due to the 'far right' -- but to Islam.

If you haven’t been checking out the many pamphlets published by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, available here, then you’re missing out on pocket-sized but deep wells of information about such topics as anti-Semitism, jihad, the radical left, the Muslim Brotherhood, campus radicalism, and more.

The Freedom Center’s invaluable Director of Jihad Watch Robert Spencer has just written the newest pamphlet, titled Islamic Anti-Semitism in the United States, which you can order here.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise across the world. Many would like to believe that it is associated with the so-called far right, but in fact it stems almost exclusively from members of the Islamic faith. In this heavily-footnoted, groundbreaking pamphlet, Spencer describes the spread of Islamic anti-Semitism in America, including the prevalence of thuggish anti-Semitic behavior on campuses across the country.

He begins by noting that anti-Semitism is casting a darker shadow over Europe than at any time since World War II. _”_This is happening in Europe not because of the ‘far right,’ but because of the increased Muslim presence there,” Spencer writes. “Could the same thing happen in the United States? On a smaller scale, it is already happening.”

Spencer goes on to list examples of Islamic incitement of Jew-hatred in the U.S. and especially on campuses where the presence of the terror-supporting nationwide group known as Students for Justice in Palestine is strong. He continues by detailing attacks, thwarted plots, harassment, and threats of violence against Jews before concluding with an appendix on anti-Semitism in the Qur’an.

Don’t miss this short must-read, and don’t forget to check out the Freedom Center’s other indispensable pamphlets as well.