The New York Times’ Cynical Exploitation of Anti-Semitism

Crocodile tears when a leftist agenda is served.

On February 16, the New York Times, the go-to paper for the alt-left, ran an attack editorial piece deriding President Donald Trump’s response to two reporters who queried about how his administration sought to address the scourge of anti-Semitism. The editorial insinuated that Trump was aloof about the subject and insulated himself from criticism by pointing to his Jewish familial ties and strong support for Israel. It also implied that anti-Semitism is a recent phenomenon, a product of Trump’s immigration policies. 

Admittedly, the president could have responded in a more forceful and robust manner in addressing this very important issue. In at least one instance, Mr. Trump likely misunderstood the reporter’s question – which was somewhat incoherent and rambling – leading to an unfortunate, charged exchange. But the New York Times’ editorial was not only far off the mark, it was disingenuous and reeked of hypocrisy. 

During Obama’s tenure, college campuses across the United States experienced an explosion of anti-Semitic acts. These incidents have been well documented by watchdog groups like the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Amcha Initiative. According to Amcha, anti-Semitic incidents are nine times more likely to occur at the universities or colleges that host groups like the Muslim Student Association and Students for Justice in Palestine or similar Muslim Brotherhood front groups. 

These acts of overt Jew-hatred have manifested in various forms and have included intimidation tactics, verbal abuse, graffiti scrawls, denial of free speech or the right to peaceably assemble and increasingly, physical assaults. Often, school officials are completely indifferent to the plight of Jewish students or worse, complicit in anti-Jewish or anti-Israel incidents. In many instances, campus police have been told to stand down in the face of rowdy anti-Jewish protest, laced with anti-Semitic vitriol.

The situation for Jewish students on many college campuses has become so intolerable that some watchdog groups have invoked Title VI of the Civil Rights Act in a desperate bid to combat Islamist driven Jew-hate. Yet during its two terms of office, the Obama administration did virtually nothing to combat this malevolency. Moreover, the rise of anti-Semitic incidents on college campuses received scant coverage from radical leftist outlets like the New York Times. Obama’s inaction on the matter was effectively immune to challenge.

The New York Times has now suddenly taken a keen interest in anti-Semitism when it ignored the problem of Muslim driven Judeophobia for eight long years. The salient question is why? The answer is quite obvious and has more to do with the advancement of a pernicious radical leftist agenda than legitimate concern for Jews.

Leftist media outlets including The New York Times have run a relentless campaign of vilification against the Trump administration. These media outlets have partnered with various leftist political elements and radical groups in their bid to delegitimize the office of the presidency and call into question the outcome of the 2016 election. They cannot bring themselves to accept the results and have therefore embarked on an unholy crusade of sorts.  

They have used whatever tools at their disposal to create havoc and mayhem. From absurd claims of undue Russian influence over the Trump administration to false assertions of “Islamophobia,” they’ve demonstrated an uncanny ability to ratchet up the rhetoric and spread unsubstantiated calumnies, all in a misguided effort to damage the White House. Their methodology is deeply mendacious but brilliantly simple. Throw whatever mud or fake news you have at your disposal and something is bound to stick.

With the New York Times at the helm, radical media outlets are now attempting to raise the false flag of anti-Semitism, arguing that the administration’s so-called anti-immigration policies are driving xenophobia and racism. With its disingenuous editorial, the New York Times has hijacked and exploited a very important issue to advance its own malevolent agenda, one that has nothing to do with anti-Semitism and everything to do with delegitimizing a sitting president and a valid election result.

One need only look at the dearth of New York Times’ reportage on Muslim driven anti-Semitism at universities across the United States in the past eight years to recognize the abject hypocrisy of the Times’ February 16 editorial. This by no means excuses the president’s less than stellar responses to serious questions regarding anti-Semitism but it does shine light on the New York Times’ dishonesty and the fact that its extreme partisanship has substantially interfered with its ability to impart news in an objective manner. 

It is incumbent upon the Jewish Americans to forcefully voice objection to such cynical exploitation. They must not permit themselves to be used as mere pawns of the alt-left. This is a group that at best, ignored the scourge of anti-Semitism for the past eight years and at worst, stoked its flames. The tears that they shed today are akin to crocodile tears.