The New York Times Hits Rock Bottom with Max Blumenthal

Too extreme for German leftists -- just right for the Gray Lady.

[](/sites/default/files/uploads/2014/12/max-blumenthal.jpg)The New York Times, the paper that earned the dubious distinction of being the recipient of the “Most Dishonest Reporting” award for 2013 is at it again. This time, The Gray Lady featured an op-ed piece by the notorious anti-Semite Max Blumenthal, providing this provocateur with a mainstream platform to express his odious views.

True to form, Blumenthal, the darling of radical extremists, conflates, distorts and simply makes things up. But I’m not here to analyze Blumenthal’s arrant nonsense. Others have already done a good job of that. What I wish to highlight is the depths to which the New York Times has sunk.

To be sure, the New York Times has in the past given a broad range of anti-Israel types a platform to express their opinions in the op-ed section, far more than those expressing positive views of Israel. But Blumenthal’s pernicious views veer uncomfortably close to old fashion anti-Semitism and this time, the New York Times exceeded the bounds of decency and fair play and has partnered with those who openly express Jew-hatred.

An analysis of Blumenthal’s history reveals the following disturbing facts;

•Blumenthal was disinvited from a scheduled speaking engagement by the German “Die Linke” (The Left) party due to his anti-Semitic (not to mention anti-Israel) views.

•Blumenthal’s antics earned him a lifetime ban from the German parliament.

•The Simon Wiesenthal Center has labeled Blumenthal an anti-Semite and his comments earned him a spot in the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s “Top 10” list of anti-Semitic slurs.

•Blumenthal’s “works” have been cited and praised by radical extremists and neo-Nazis  and have been featured on the anti-Semitic blog, Electronic Intifada as well as the neo-Nazi Internet forum, Stormfront.

•Blumenthal’s comments have been cited with approval by Frazier Glenn Miller, the KKK murderer who massacred three people at two separate Jewish community centers in Overland Park, Kansas.

•The Left-leaning Forward referred to Blumenthal’s book as so anti-Israel it, “makes even anti-Zionists blush.”

•Prominent liberal Eric Alterman of The Nation referred to Blumenthal’s book as a screed that belongs in the “Hamas Book-of-the-Month Club.”

•Blumenthal compared Israel with ISIS (the group that lops people’s heads off for eating dinner with the wrong fork) calling the Jewish state “JSIL” or the “Jewish State of Israel and the Levant.”

•Blumenthal called Israelis “Judeo-Nazis.” (I wonder if he could say that to a Holocaust survivor and walk away with his head intact.)

•Writing for the Hezbollah paper Al-Akhbar, Blumenthal stated that American law enforcement is “schooled in Israeli killing methods.”

•Blumenthal was caught red-handed conjuring up fictitious quotes maligning Israel.

And that’s Max Blumenthal in a nutshell. One wonders whether Hillary Clinton’s senior advisor Sidney Blumenthal, Max’s father and passionate defender had anything to with the Times’ decision to host the notorious anti-Semite. Either way, the Times’ demonstrates that it has tossed journalistic standards and any semblance of decency out the window.

So what’s next for the New York Times? I hear former KKK “Grand Wizard” David Duke is in town. Perhaps the Times can enlighten its readership and provide the former Klan leader a forum on its op-ed pages to explain how the diabolical Zionists were responsible for the Holocaust or alternatively, how the Zionists propagated the Holocaust hoax to inflict suffering on the poor Palestinians. That should make for interesting reading.

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