No Sanctuary for Rioters and Criminals

Time to prosecute and expel the campus fascists.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center and Milo Yiannopoulos took on “sanctuary campuses” that harbor illegal aliens. Milo was scheduled to launch the #nosanctuarycampusforcriminals campaign with a speech at Berkeley last night when campus fascists, rioters and criminals shut it down.

Berkeley isn’t just a “sanctuary campus” for illegal aliens, but for fascists who shut down free speech with violence. It’s time to stop tolerating sanctuary campuses for illegal aliens and for the violent thugs of political correctness. 

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is calling for the return of free speech to Berkeley by prosecuting and expelling the campus fascists responsible for the protests.  University of California president Janet Napolitano and Berkeley chancellor Nicholas Dirks have set the standard for lawlessness by declaring Berkeley a sanctuary campus. They should be prosecuted along with their student protégés.