Not Destroying ISIS

The true reason there are no "moderate" Muslim armies killing ISIS terrorists.

[](/sites/default/files/uploads/2014/10/Obama-Ertoganpng.png)Western media, President Obama, all Muslim countries, and myriad groups and individuals have been telling us that ISIS does not represent Islam. Muslims, especially in the West, insist that their beloved faith has nothing to do with the terrorists who are embarrassing the good and peaceful Muslims and who are giving Islam a bad name and dishonoring the real Islam.

It is a fact that Arab/Islamic culture highly values honor and pride and has little tolerance for those who dishonor Islam and Islamic “family values.” Because honor is so vital in Islamic culture, a whole section in Islamic law is dedicated to forgiving and not prosecuting certain murders when they are linked to honor, such as the killing of adulterers and apostates. Sharia has harsh punishment for those who dishonor Islam or deviate from its values and commandments.

Because of Muslim sensitivity to dishonor one would think that the majority of moderate Muslims, especially after 911, would mobilize their armies, police and legal resources to arrest, punish, imprison or execute those who kill, behead and terrorize in the name of the religion of peace.

Muslim legal systems in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan and Yemen, do not hesitate to whip, amputate, stone and behead those who violate Islamic sexual taboos, but never behead, amputate or whip jihadists who terrorize in the name of Islam. Almost all Muslim governments claim to be moderate, but none have apologized for 911. They have no interest in rounding up terror groups except those who point their guns at Muslim governments. Why is that? Why is it that many Muslim governments allow the financial support and accommodation of terror groups as long as terrorists do their business elsewhere? Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf countries financed the radical resistance against Bashar Assad for one reason: he is not Sunni. And now when the radical resistance turned into ISIS, these same nations are asking the US to do something.

There are approximately 1.5 billion Muslims divided among 49 majority Muslim nations around the world and all claim to be peace-loving and “moderate.” Many of these Islamic nations have some of the largest and well-equipped armies in the Middle East and Africa. Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons. Egypt’s military has approximately 468,500 active personnel, in addition 1 million reservists. Turkey has 662,719 active personnel. Saudi Arabia’s military is estimated to have 150,000 active personnel and Pakistan has 550,000 active troops, 500,000 reserves.

Yet the huge armies of the above four Muslim nations are watching the ISIS slaughter and refuse to end it. Has anyone asked why? Where are the 1.5 billion moderate Muslims to save the reputation of Islam and fellow Muslims? Is there even a moderate Muslim army that will not hesitate to kill ISIS beheading their way from city to city? Will Muslim armies fight the alleged bad Muslims?

The answer is simple and I hope the West is ready for the truth. If Muslim governments go to war against ISIS, there is a good possibility that their armies will not kill ISIS but might actually join them against Arab governments. This is why:

The ultimate holy goal of Islam, both “moderate” and “radical,” is to reestablish the Islamic Khalifate and control the world. That is the goal of jihad. Historically all Islamic States were established by the sword, terror and violence. Even Mohammed himself established his first Islamic political entity in Arabia through the sword, violence and terror. Mohammed himself said in a hadith “I have been victorious through terror.” His followers took the sword, terror and beheading throughout Arabia to bring Arabs back to Islam after the death of Mohammed. Historically, Islam never created and maintained a Khalifate without the sword and the cruel punishments of Sharia. So the fact that ISIS is violent does not disqualify it in the eyes of Sharia from doing holy jihad in the name of Allah.

Thus, Muslim heads of state are caught in a quagmire. Sharia dictates that every Muslim head of state must do jihad as an obligation otherwise he is an apostate and must be removed from office – the old fashioned Islamic way like what happened to Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gaddafi. Sharia also gives the right to Muslims to wage jihad war against non-Muslim nations, but gives non-Muslim nations no right to reject Islamic jihad and fight back.

That is why Muslim leaders never want to wage serious war against the likes of Al Quaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hizbullah, etc. Muslim leaders do not want to be perceived as acting against Sharia by destroying the first budding Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Thus we see Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Gulf nations and Egypt, who are perfectly capable of destroying ISIS, refuse to move against ISIS and allow the slaughter of fellow Muslims, Christians and Kurds, rather than violate Sharia. All these Muslim governments are begging the US and Western nations to do their dirty work for them, as usual. America is the great Satan, so what more can America lose between friends?

President Obama today refuses to put troops on the ground in Syria and Iraq to destroy ISIS. I hope his refusal is because it is in the best interest of the United States and not because he too, like Arab leaders, does not want to destroy the first budding Islamic State In Iraq and the Levant.


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