Obama and Black Lives Matter Fight for a Violent Slasher

The Democratic Party puts criminals first and victims last.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

There was never a better candidate for a police bullet in San Francisco than Mario Woods.

Mario Woods, a member of the Oakdale Mob, slashed a man with a knife. Then he threatened cops with a knife, warning them “You’re not taking me today.” SFPD officers hit him with beanbags and pepper spray and he still wouldn’t go down or drop the knife.

He taunted the officers, saying, “You better squeeze that mother___ and kill me.”

Then Woods moved toward a crowd of people while still holding the knife. And cops shot him.

It should have been the most open and shut case in history. This wasn’t Clint Eastwood’s Inspector Harry Callahan drawling, “Do you feel lucky, punk?” while staring at a downed bank robber. It was the prototype for a case in which the SFPD went by the book and tried their best to keep the punk alive.

The officers had done everything possible to stop a violent criminal by using non-lethal methods despite the risk to their own safety. They only opened fire once Mario Woods became a danger to civilians.

Mario Woods was a career criminal and a gang member who had recently gotten out after serving time for armed robbery. Two of the police officers were black. Only one officer out of five was white. There was no possibility of arguing that the shooting of Mario Woods was racially motivated.

If there was one single case that the anti-cop lynch mob of Obama, Lynch and their racist #BlackLivesMatter allies wouldn’t swarm over like vultures on a rotten carcass, it should have been this one.

Get real.

“It’s a direct demonstration of how much black lives don’t matter,” Pastor Yul Dorn had claimed. “Why would you kill a man that brings a knife to a gunfight?”

I’m not sure what Dorn wanted police officers to do. Get out their switchblades and knife fight him?

The same racist freak show is on in San Francisco shouting “Justice for Mario Woods” and “Jail Killer Cops”. SEIU branded Black Lives Matter banners were on show, combining two noxious things in one, accompanied by calls to “Disarm the Police”. A cartoon version of the violent slasher Mario Woods, looking oddly Asian, was on t-shirts and in the middle of a sun disc surrounded by clenched black fists.

A bearded white man taking a selfie held up a sign saying, “Mario is Our Son”. A grinning hipster brandished a ragged piece of cardboard that declared, “One Sky, One People”. Cards were handed out calling for redistributing the pain. There was a slight hitch though since apparently someone stole the banners after the rally. Who would have thought that there would be criminals at a pro-crime rally?

It almost made you wish that Mario Woods was still alive so he could stab them all.

Christopher Muhammad, a minister with the racist hate group, The Nation of Islam, who used to head the African American Community-Police Relations Board, took part in the protests as part of the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition. 

“This young brother was executed by firing squad,” Muhammad had already declared. “Mario Woods did nothing to deserve what happened to him on Third Street, nothing.”

Aside from slashing a man sitting in a car with his date badly enough that he had to go to the hospital, then threatening officers and random people on the street with a knife, not to mention the earlier armed robbery, Mario Woods had done absolutely nothing at all. Not a thing. Nothing.

“I talked to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan a couple of hours ago,” Muhammad said. “He is angry as hell. He wanted me to tell the community that what was done was not just murder; it was a hate crime.” And if there’s anyone who knows hate crimes, it’s the head of a hate group.

It’s already a busy time for social justice protesters in San Francisco who are planning to protest everything for the Super Bowl under the hashtag #NoJusticeNoSuperBowl. 

It’s not hard to get a few hundred protesters in San Francisco to protest anything, but local politicians were quick to defend a violent criminal who had slashed an innocent man.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution establishing a day of remembrance for Mario Woods and demanded that “the city and county of San Francisco” publicly apologize to the slasher’s mother. They might have done better to demand an apology from his mother.

“Everyone can’t be bullied,” Gwendolyn Woods had declared. Certainly the officers who shot her son down like a mad dog before he could slash anyone else couldn’t be bullied. And good for them.

But Democrats are another matter.

Supervisor David Campos claimed that by voting for a resolution celebrating a violent criminal who had slashed an innocent man, they were “standing up for an entire city.” At least the parts of it that Mario Woods didn’t slash or rob.

“Mario Woods is a symbol for all of those who don’t have a place in history,” another Supervisor said.

Finally, the crazed slashers and armed robbers of San Francisco have their very own symbol. And a place in history. Right next to the serial rapists, muggers and pedophiles.

Mayor Ed Lee, gutless as ever, turned to Obama. And so the DOJ will conduct a “comprehensive review” of the shooting of a dangerous, violent criminal. The review will turn up nothing about the actual shooting. It never does. Even the Ferguson review came up empty. But these DOJ investigations are really witch hunts opening the door to an open-ended campaign against any and all officers.

That is what happened in Ferguson. That is the process that is already underway in San Francisco.

SFPD officers are being ordered to turn in other officers who make politically incorrect jokes as part of the Intolerance Pledge. “I will not tolerate hate or bigotry in our community or from my fellow officers. I will confront intolerance and report any such conduct without question or pause.”

The cops who shot Mario Woods were black and Latino and they didn’t shoot him because they heard a politically incorrect joke, but because he had a knife that he had already used to slash someone.

And it’s the Democratic Party and its media allies that continue to tolerate hate and bigotry from racist organizations such as The Nation of Islam or Black Lives Matter who view the life of Mario Woods as mattering more than that of his victims because of his race. That politically correct bigotry is sanctified by the political establishment and by the media. It has the ruthless support of the White House and of every single dirty cringing politician in the Democratic Party.

Protesters complained about their lives not mattering. But it’s the man who was slashed by Mario Woods whose life didn’t matter. Not to protesters, not to Mayor Ed Lee and not to Obama.

The Mario Woods case shows that there really is no crime that #BlackLivesMatter and Obama won’t excuse, defend and advocate for. If Mario’s life mattered so much that he couldn’t be shot even when he posed an active threat, then the lives of the people he threatened don’t matter. It’s that simple.

This entire anti-police movement is really a pro-criminal movement. And pro-criminal means anti-victim.

Mario Woods is not the victim here. San Francisco, the United States of America, Planet Earth and the entire known universe are better off him with him dead. The real victims are the ordinary people who no longer have political representation in cities like San Francisco because the Democratic Party has become a political party that puts criminals first and victims last.