Obama Gives Himself a B+ - by Joseph Klein

Here's the grade he deserves and why.

In response to a softball question from his adoring fan Oprah Winfrey , who declared him “The One,” President Obama gave himself a “B+” for his first year in office.  Winfrey then nearly did her own version of the Obama bow when she asked him why he was being so hard on himself!

Karl Rove, appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor,” gave Obama the dose of reality  that he deserved.   In most areas, the grades that Rove gave Obama hovered in the gentleman C and below range.   Bill O’Reilly himself gave Obama poor grades, except on the economy where Bill awarded the president with a “B+” because unemployment dipped a bit in November.

In my opinion, President Obama deserves an “F” on his actions and decisions in both the foreign and  domestic arenas.  While campaigning to appeal to moderates in the center of the political spectrum, he has governed from the left where his heart belongs.

In the foreign arena, Obama’s unconditional re-engagement policy with our enemies has gotten us nowhere.  Meanwhile, Iran marches on toward developing nuclear weapons and North Korea has tested its missles and bombs with impunity.  His Afghanistan decision, after three months of dithering, could have earned him a good grade if he had not signaled the enemy that he intended to start withdrawing in 18 months.  The one positive is President Obama’s decision to expand the unmanned drone attacks in Pakistan, which have killed key al Qaeda and Taliban leaders.

The overall bottom-line is that the world is a more dangerous place than when George W. Bush left office.   While Obama may be winning popularity points for himself and the United States in the eyes of the world for which he received his Nobel Peace Prize, he has forfeited the critical element of respect for American resolve.

With respect to his domestic policies, Obama has presided over an increase of over 30% in the unemployment rate since taking office.  His economic stimulus package did nothing except to grow the deficit to record amounts.   The only credit that he deserves is continuing the Bush administration policies to stabilize the banking industry and fend off a complete economic collapse.

Obama’s signature domestic initiative, universal health care reform, will lead to even more deficits, higher taxes, and rationed care.  His endorsement of cap-and-trade to address climate change will cripple the U.S. economy.

His worst decision of all is to bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his cohorts to New York City for a civil trial.  That alone merits an “F” for his whole presidency to date.