Obama's Milwaukee

Race-rioters openly hunt whitey.

An anti-white reign of Black Lives Matter terror consumed Milwaukee Saturday after a black cop shot a black, gun-wielding suspect for refusing to drop his weapon when lawfully commanded to do so.

Gov. Scott Walker ® activated Wisconsin’s National Guard as a precaution but calm had apparently been restored Sunday.

The officer who shot the suspect was African-American, police said. His name was not given but he was described as a 24-year-old who’d been with the police department for six years, the last three as an officer.

Riots are a great way to move President Obama’s “fundamental transformation” ball forward. Like political smears, they don’t have to make any sense. Any excuse will do.

Conservatives know that facts are irrelevant to the Left and the violent, cultish Black Lives Matter movement, which ought to be designated a domestic terrorist group. Riots are a means of consciousness-raising and fund-raising. They also help get blacks and guilt-ridden whites to the polls for Democrats. President Obama, who routinely invites leaders of the movement to the White House, perfunctorily denounces the movement’s rampant violence while reassuring militants that their cause is just. Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tries to do the same thing but she’s less convincing, largely because she’s unlikable and lacks Obama’s political skills.

An explosion, like what happened over the weekend in Milwaukee, was only a matter of time.

Angry blacks in the Wisconsin city took to the streets before much was even known about the police-involved shooting of Sylville Smith, a 23-year-old black man carrying a stolen gun. Smith was shot dead by police Saturday afternoon during a pursuit on foot after he fled a traffic stop.

A police officer had ordered Smith to drop his weapon twice and when he failed to comply he was shot. He died at the scene. A police body camera reportedly shows Smith had a gun in his hand when he was shot. Demario D. Pritchard, 24, was arrested with Smith. Previously he was convicted of felony possession of cocaine. Before the Smith incident, there had been five fatal shootings in Milwaukee in a nine-hour period from Friday evening to Saturday morning.

Smith was no stranger to police. He had a prior conviction for carrying a concealed weapon, a misdemeanor. According to his mother, Smith recently obtained a concealed-carry license for self-defense. “I’m not going to say he was an angel,” Smith’s godmother, Katherine Mahmoud, said. “He was out here living his life.”

In February 2015 he was charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety in connection with a shooting and then charged with intimidating a witness to that shooting who identified him as a suspect. Court records indicate the charges “were dropped even though the prosecutors had recorded jail calls in which Smith asked his girlfriend to pressure the victim to recant,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. At the preliminary hearing the case was thrown out when the alleged victim said he had not been intimidated by Smith.

As word of the Smith shooting spread Saturday, rioters took over the streets. A brick was thrown through the windshield of a police cruiser. Six buildings and multiple vehicles, including a police car, were torched by the angry mob. First responders couldn’t get to the burning buildings, which included a gas station and a bank, because rioters were discharging weapons. Rioters threw rocks at police and chased reporters, knocking one to the ground. Four cops were hospitalized and there were 17 arrests.

Video footage depicts black militants singling out white people.

One clip features rioters chanting “black power!” before asking “is they white?” as cars move slowly. “Yeah they white!” someone says, prompting rioters to run towards the vehicle. “Yeah they white, get their ass!” shouts another.

“Hey they beatin’ up every white person!” one rioter says. “He white – beat his head – bitch!”

As Paul Joseph Watson describes it,

The footage appears to show the mob attacking cars and trying to drag out the drivers.

The footage then cuts to an upper floor window before the person shooting the video states, ‘I think they just beat some white bitch ass for no reason – they bust open the window.’

Local reporters were also targeted for violent assaults, including a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter, who was ‘thrown to the ground and punched.’ WTMJ was forced to pull its reporters from the ground altogether because of violent threats from the mob. In another clip, rioters are seen burning down a gas station while chanting ‘black power!’

A young black man appeared on local TV trying to excuse the violence by saying that rich people don’t give blacks enough money.

A witness to the mayhem named Tory Lowe sounded like President Obama in an interview with Heavy, doing an elaborate rhetorical dance, saying he on the one hand  didn’t “condone” the violence but on the other hand “I understand it.”

The facade of caring about law and order quickly dropped away. “This is after years of abuse by the police from 2011 until now,” Lowe said. “It has built up for so long, and now people are acting on it.”

He ended up giving his blessing to the rioters. City residents are fighting for justice for all black men abused or killed by the police or “failed by the system in Milwaukee,” Lowe said.

Milwaukee Alderman Khalif Rainey sided with Smith and the rioters.

“This is the warning cry. Do we continue with the inequities, the injustice, the unemployment, the under-education that creates these byproducts that we seen this evening? Do we continue that… The black people of Milwaukee are tired of living under this oppression… This is what it’s like living under this oppression… No one here can deny the fact that there is problems, racial problems here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that have to be closely not examined but rectified. Rectify this immediately because if you don’t this vision of downtown, all of that, you one day away. You one day away.”

In Rainey’s view Smith, who may very well have been planning to kill the cops pursuing him, was oppressed. It must have been oppression that caused him to fail to drop his gun.

The city’s mayor, left-wing Obama supporter Tom Barrett (D), scapegoated law-abiding gun owners for recent violence in Milwaukee.

“It happens way too often. It happens because there are too many guns. It happens because there are too many people who don’t know how to solve their problems without resorting to violence. It happens because there are drugs in this community and it happens because the gun laws are too lax in this state right now.”

The Left uses outbreaks of criminal violence as infomercials for the repeal of the Second Amendment.Barrett’s only doing his job.