Obama's Professor and America's Cultural Crisis

Cornel West is a Rosetta Stone of our national disaster.

No man more exemplifies the Left’s half-century assault on America’s intellectual and academic traditions than celebrity professor and intellectual con artist Cornell West. Thrust into cultural prominence most recently thanks to his ties to President Obama, to whom he has acted, together with the anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright, as a spiritual mentor, the radical West also typifies the decline and degradation of standards in the American university. As David Horowitz illustrates in his devastating new pamphlet, “Obama’s Professor and America’s Cultural Crisis,” West is an improbable intellectual icon – an apologist for racists and anti-Semites; a cheerleader for Marxism; and a perpetrator of books of pseudo-cerebral nonsense that are celebrated by his legions of fans in inverse correlation to their literary merit. For anyone wishing to understand America’s current cultural predicament, the destructive career of Cornel West shows with alarming clarity the grave damage that the progressive onslaught has wrought.

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