Obama’s Visit to Hell

What South Africa’s "George Washington" really accomplished.

[](/sites/default/files/uploads/2013/07/obamasouth.jpg)During his visit to South Africa, Obama compared Nelson Mandela to George Washington.

George Washington, unlike Nelson Mandela, was not a member of the Communist Party. Martha Washington had not been involved in murdering a 14-year-old boy or in urging the colonists to burn men, women and children alive by placing rubber tires around them, pouring gasoline on them and setting them on fire.

The American Revolution did not unleash a state of permanent lawlessness in which the quality of life declined drastically for everyone in the country and people went to sleep every night expecting to be murdered in their beds.

If both Washington and Mandela are to be considered the fathers of their respective countries, Washington’s children are figuring out how to go into space while Mandela’s children are raping children because they believe it will magically give them immunity to contracting AIDS.

“The outpouring of love that we’ve seen in recent days shows the triumph of Mandela,” Obama said. Perhaps he should have stopped by the Du Plessis farm where Roelof Du Plessis, a white farmer, was murdered in one of those outpourings of love while trying to protect his wife and son.

While the media maintained its death watch on Mandela, yet another white farmer was murdered in a genocidal campaign unleashed by ANC rule.

The bodies of men like Du Plessis are Mandela’s real legacy. The end of Apartheid did not bring with it reconciliation, but a state of corruption and terror. The number of white farmers murdered has even attracted the attention of Genocide Watch. And the violence isn’t random. It comes from the top down.

Winnie Mandela, the Martha Washington of South Africa, if Martha had been responsible for multiple murders and had been sentenced to prison, had once said, “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country.”

The matches were real matches and the necklaces were the rubber tires draped around the necks of the enemies of the ANC, covered with gasoline and lit with a match.

The ANC’s Western enablers had insisted on pretending that such atrocities were the temporary expedients of an oppressed people, rather than the tactics of a terrorist movement with close ties to the Communist Party.

The end of Apartheid and the growth of crime and violence under ANC rule have shown that there was nothing temporary about these atrocities. They were not the responses of desperate men to oppression, but the brutality of a lawless movement that practiced terror for its own sake and is still practicing it today.

While white farmers die, President Zuma, whom Obama met with on his visit to South Africa, sings, “Kill the Boer.” “Kill the Boer” is an ANC song. Its continuing presence on the public stage of the ANC regime and its leaders two decades later is a sharp reminder that no matter how often world leaders sing the praises of Nelson Mandela; the Mandela legacy is a racist state that discriminates and tolerates murder.

But Post-Apartheid South Africa is more than just a place where racial hatreds are vented, it is a land where rape is so ubiquitous that 4 out of 10 South African women will be raped and 1 in 4 men cheerfully admit to being rapists and even its president was put on trial for rape.

South Africa has the largest number of people infected with AIDS. The disease, like so many other forms of social breakdown, only really took off once the ANC came to power. Unemployment is widespread and every kind of mortality, including maternal mortality, shot up under the rule of the African National Congress which was better at necklacing its victims, often other Africans, than at running a country.

The left didn’t fight against Apartheid because it opposed racism. It fought against Apartheid because it supported the ANC. The distinction is a fundamentally important one and it explains why the left has continued covering up the profound failures of ANC rule when even Desmond Tutu has admitted them.

In 2005, Kanye West told audiences, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”. In fact it’s the left that doesn’t care about black people. Rwanda is only one example among many. The left was not interested in freeing South African blacks, only in imposing Communist ANC rule on them.

That mission has been accomplished. The ANC has become a kleptocracy like any other; violent, corrupt and dangerous. But the left will never treat a Zuma the way that they would treat any other regional kleptocrat. Instead South Africa has become the model for what “people power can accomplish.”

And that has become South Africa’s true purpose. It is meant to inspire Western liberals who want to read soothing quotes from Nelson Mandela while knowing nothing about the current situation in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela’s death allows media outlets that know nothing about either George Washington or Mandela to compare the two men.

“Tis substantially true, that virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government. The rule indeed extends with more or less force to every species of free Government,” George Washington wrote in his farewell address.

Under ANC rule, South Africa has neither virtue nor morality. It barely has popular government as the ANC has consolidated its power. It is a ruined land that Western liberals insist on calling a utopia. It is a land at war with itself that Western liberals insist on believing found peace through the inspiring words of Nelson Mandela.

At the HIV Foundation Center, with Desmond Tutu, Obama listened to a 15-year-old perform a song he titled, “Hell on Earth.” The name is a fitting description of what Mandela’s South Africa has become.

The Mandela myth of a transformed South Africa is so toxic because it encourages the left to repeat the same process again and again, while ignoring the actual outcome. As long as the real story of South Africa remains buried under the trite quotes of a Mandela or a Tutu and the insistence of Western liberals on believing that their cause had a happy ending, the same story will happen again and again.

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