O'Keefe's New Video Refutes Cornell President Skorton's Claim that He is Combatting the Jew-Hating and America-Hating Leftists on His Campus

Assistant Dean for Students, Joseph Scaffido, affirms that a pro-ISIS, pro-Hamas group would be welcome on campus.

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James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas sent one of its undercover reporters posing as a Moroccan student names “Ali” to Cornell University to investigate whether or not university officials would permit the formation of a pro-ISIS, pro-Hamas group on campus, and even whether Cornell would support a program to train ISIS “freedom fighters.” The student met with Assistant Dean for Students, Joseph Scaffido, who assured him that Cornell would welcome such a group.

Ali: “I think it would be important for especially these people in the Islamic State Iraq and Syria (ISIS) the families and the freedom fighters in particular and their families, I think it would be important to maybe just probably educate (sic), but to maybe send them care packages whether it be food, water, electronics.”

Sending care packages to terrorists? Scaffido said the university already has groups doing similar things, “There are a lot of our student organizations that do things like that all over the world.”

The investigator then asked if Cornell would take issue with his group if they openly expressed support for other terrorist groups.

Ali: “If you did like, support like Hamas or something like that, is that a problem or?”

Scaffido’s response: “The University is not going to look at different groups and say you’re not allowed to support that group, because we don’t believe in them or something like that. I think it’s just the opposite.”

Scaffido’s response, unbelievable as it may sound, is in-line with the present policy of the Cornell administration, which is currently supporting Students for Justice in Palestine, a group whose sole purpose is to spread Hamas’s poisonous propaganda on campus, and call for the destruction of the Jewish state.

University administrators have long shown they have no scruples, no shame, when it comes to letting their campuses be used for groups that hate America, hate Israel and support terrorist causes. But there is one thing they can’t tolerate and that is embarrassment. So when James O’Keefe and Project Veritas posted their video Cornell president David Skorton responded:

President David Skorton responds to ‘ludicrous’ and ‘offensive’ allegation

Statement of Cornell President David J. Skorton

As the president of Cornell University, I want to be clear that the notion that Cornell would allow ISIS training sessions on our campus is ludicrous and absolutely offensive.

Project Veritas, the organization behind this shoddy piece of “journalism” has been repeatedly vilified for dishonest, deceitful activity. It is shameful that any individual would pose as a student facing racial discrimination at another university, ask leading questions on hidden camera about Cornell’s tolerance for differing viewpoints and backgrounds, and then conveniently splice together the resulting footage to smear our assistant dean and our University. After speaking with Assistant Dean Scaffido, I am convinced that he was not aware of what he was being asked.

Let me be clear: Cornell has an unwavering commitment to the free and responsible exchange of ideas. However, we remain vigilant in maintaining an appropriate balance of freedom of expression within accepted boundaries. Of course, incitement to violence is not protected and would never be tolerated on our campus.

Posted by Cornell University on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Note that instead of demanding the resignation of Assistant Dean Scaffido, the Cornell official responsible for stating that it was Cornell policy to give a platoform to ISIS and train its terrorists, Skorton launches a vicious attack on the man who exposed Scaffido. This is all too typical of university responses to the plague of anti-Semitic, anti-American and pro-terrorist activities on their campuses and under their auspices: Rhetorical - and meaningless - declarations of good intention; no quarter to those who expose the outrages.

If David Skorton wants people to believe what he says, let him put his money where his mouth is by withdrawing his financial support for Students for Justice in Palestine and other pro-terrorist hate groups, and removing an assistant dean who thinks that Hamas and ISIS are freedom fighters whose views should be financially supported by Cornell.

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