Only You can Stop Whiteness

Whiteness takes over the 17th Annual White Privilege Conference.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

A specter is haunting America. The specter of white privilege, white supremacy and whiteness. What is whiteness? If you ask the radical education activists at the 17th Annual White Privilege Conference,”whiteness” is the source of all human evil. Also it’s the race of the majority of the country.

The conference with its 2,500 teachers, school administrators and counselors is a bizarre throwback to National Socialism’s ideological indoctrination of every part of society on the evils of one single race. Attendees wore the conference’s version of Nazi armbands with wristbands reading “Got Privilege”. 

But not even the 17th Annual White Privilege Conference was safe from the scourge of “whiteness”.

The hashtag #WPCSoWhite was unleashed complaining about how white the anti-white conference was. Is there any better evidence that white supremacy is so much a part of our lives that white people dominate even anti-white conferences? How are anti-white racists of color supposed to find their voices when they are being stifled by the white supremacist Rachel Dolezals and Shaun Kings out there?

When James W. Loewen, who denounces white supremacy, went over his allotted time at the conference, he was told that “going over time allotted is another example of white supremacy”. Loewen protested that he actually spoke for five minutes less than his allotted time and was accused by Aeriel A. Ashlee, a Korean attendee, of “A white man’s defensiveness instead of accepting responsibility”.  

Talking too much about the evils of white supremacy is also a form of white supremacy. 

Heather Hackman, who is also white, but was partly redeemed by having once taught multicultural education in Minnesota (85% white), warned about the “Wizard Behind The Curtain”. According to Hackman, who is white and a teacher, there is too much “whiteness” in teacher education and development”. The sensible response to that would be for Hackman to make teacher education less white by leaving it. But Hackman, like other white participants, seemed disinclined to cut the racial Gordian knot by leaving and planting white lilies or going off to vacation at the White Sands Hotel.

Instead these white people would like to explain how they plan to make education less white.

What is “whiteness” in education? According to Hackman, it’s focusing on things like grades, attendance and proper English in schools. Also “goal orientation”, honesty, hard work, discipline and success. 

If you get rid of honesty, goals, discipline, success, grades, attendance and proper English in schools, whiteness, or as Hackman calls it, “Super-Whitey”, will be defeated. “If I was a white faculty member and unwilling to get with the program, I do not have any business in teacher education,” she declared.

The diverse youth of tomorrow will be illiterate and incompetent. Take that Super-Whitey!

If you still teach education to teachers and you focus on grades, attendance or goals, it’s time to get with the program or be driven out. What will happen to Asian, Latino and African-American educators who still want to focus on goals, honesty and hard work? Maybe DNA tests can be used to determine how much “whiteness” they have before driving them out. Or will the “one drop” rule suffice? 

The White Privilege Conference was sponsored by such diverse institutions and organizations as Bryn Mawr College (48% white, 7% black, 15% Asian, 11% too afraid to report race, no boys allowed), the Germantown Friends School (67% white, 16% black) and other Quaker schools and organizations.

Will the St. Joseph’s Preparatory School (85% white, 6% black) teach students that goals, hard work and proper English are the evil marks of “whiteness”? Will the George School free students from attending classes or getting good grades? Will the Abington Friends School promote failure instead of success? 

Of course they won’t.

Undergraduate tuition at Bryn Mawr approaches $50K. St. Joseph’s Preparatory School runs $16K. No parent is going to be paying that kind of money for their children to be taught to fail.

Instead this destructive racial programming will be tried out on public school children whose parents can’t afford an alternative. And the escalating misery will be sponsored by expensive private schools.

The goal is to transform education to fight “whiteness” while defining any good work and learning habits as “white”. Any teachers and educators who try to teach children to succeed will be driven out.

Children whose parents have the fewest educational options and the least stable homes will pay the price. A two-parent family from Piedmont or Old Field Village will still be able to pass on its skills and work ethic to the next generation. It’s the 17-year-old son of a single mother from Oakland who will lose out. It won’t be the kids at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School coming out with no skills. Instead it will be the graduates of Strawberry Mansion High School who won’t be able to read or write.

It’s almost like this White Privilege Conference is some sort of conspiracy to keep white people in power. 

But when Heather Hackman’s graduates are through teaching as “activists”, their illiterate graduates won’t be able to read, but they will know whom to blame for all their problems. Super-Whitey!

And that’s the real mission here. It’s the same old mission. Create misery. Then provide a target. The left “helps” people out the way that your jealous friend who always sets you up to fail gives advice. The left creates misery in the black community. And then exploits that misery for wealth and political power.

The White Privilege Conference seeks to replace education with indoctrination. It wants to displace the traditional elements of education to teach activism. And the more incapable its graduates are of functioning in the real world, the more activists and protesters the left will net for its movement.

But the White Privilege Conference wasn’t just about denouncing white people. Occasionally it also took a break to denounce Christianity

Activist and author Paul Kivel claimed that “In the United States, there’s seven to ten thousand predominantly white, Christian men, who run the major institutions in our society.” That probably sounded better before it was translated from the original German. 

White people run the major institutions in our society. It’s like they’re the majority. Or they have an evil plan for world domination. White people even run the anti-white conference. Even Paul Kivel is white.

There’s no end to how far this whiteness conspiracy goes.

According to Kivel, there’s a “Christian Hegemony” whose ideas “colonize our mind.” Would this also include the White Privilege Conference sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee, the FGC Friends General Conference, the Friends Council on Education, the New York Yearly Meeting, the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and, oh yes, the Pennsylvania Council of Churches?

If there’s a “Christian Hegemony” whose ideas are colonizing minds, isn’t the whole While Privilege Conference, which is practically a Quaker franchise, one of those evil ideas? Aren’t the attendees doomed to whiteness no matter how they denounce it and to Christianity and its ideas?

White people dominate an anti-white conference. And even its denunciations of Christianity are sponsored by the Pennsylvania Council of Churches. There’s no escape from the great menace. 

We have met the enemy and he is us. And therefore we must wear the armband of shame to confess our privilege.

Can anyone except Rachel Dolezal stop “whiteness” before it takes over America just like it took over the 17th Annual White Privilege Conference?