'Outside the Bedroom, Women Must Wear a Scarf'

The Mullahs force France to impose Islamic dress code.

The Islamist mullahs of Iran are meticulously spreading their Sharia laws to other countries and cultures through various methods. 

If they cannot conquer the world with their military and convert everyone to their radical version of Islam, they will do it in other shrewd ways. 

The Islamic Republic succeeded in forcing Air France, with the silent compliance of the socialist French government, to force its women flight attendants to comply with Iran’s Sharia law, including wearing a scarf, long trousers (instead of skirts), and wide garments (to hide the shape of their bodies) even though these women would not set foot in Iran and even if they are only in a layover and would not set foot outside the plane. Once they leave France, the female flight attendants have to comply with the dress code of Iran. They are not even allowed to smoke, even though the French men are allowed too. 

Air France has told its stewardesses that: ‘Outside the bedroom, women must wear a scarf and a wide and long garment to conceal their shapes.” 

As the pressure against such policy is mounting in France, Air France has agreed to give the female air hostesses and pilots the choice to opt out of flights to the Islamic Republic. 

Nevertheless, Air France officials pointed out that they would not change their current policy at this moment. What Air France is failing to recognize is that it is basically following the Islamic Republic’s Sharia and Islamist law that views women as non-human, objects created to only satisfy men in bed. 

Air France’s decision and the acquiescence of the French government pose a significant danger to principles of democracy. The Islamist state of Iran, and other Islamist countries and militia groups, view this act as a victory for Islam and spread of Islamism. 

Once you give them an inch, they want a mile. Concessions mean weakness for them.

Iranian leaders are already emboldened. They are asking all Western countries to remove un-Islamic things, such as wine, statues, posters which depict women without their hair covered, etc, when Iranian politicians visit their country. France previously accepted such Islamist requests by eliminating wine and other un-Islamic objects at the arrival of Iranian mullahs in Paris. 

The underlying issue is mutual respect. The ignorant and foolish Iranian mullahs want other countries to follow their Sharia law whether they are on the soil of the Islamic Republic of Iran or in their own country. So why are the Iranian politicians unable to respect other countries’ values? Why do Iranian leaders threaten to cancel their trip to Paris because wine is going to be served at dinner? Why does France succumb? Why does the West follow the mullahs’ demands to become “Islamic” in their own countries? Why does the West not tell the Islamist regime of Iran that if you want us to respect your rule, you have to respect ours too? The Islamist regime of Iran should not have it both ways. 

The intriguing issue is that the current government of France, which is run by the socialist party and President François Nicolas Hollande, has not made any objections towards Air France’s decision. The socialist party is pursuing the same appeasement policies that President Obama is following regarding the Islamic Republic. 

When the Islamist state of Iran was established, the mullahs began exporting their radical Islamist ideology to other countries in the region. It was the belief of the Islamic Republics’s founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and the current ruling politicians, that Iran’s version of Islam will conquer the world. Khomenei and his successor Khamenei are the other side of the coin of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State. 

The ruling clerics began imposing their Sharia law on other countries through wars and financing, training, and arming Shiite Islamist militia groups. After all, they strongly believe that they are following Muhammad’s route of conquering the world and imposing Islam on everyone. The exportation of Iran’s Islamist principles was not limited to the region. 

By forcing its female citizens to wear hijab, France is basically assisting the Islamic Republic in spreading its jihadist, Islamist rules, and Sharia law to other Western countries. In addition, by imposing hijab on its female crewmembers, France is sacrificing the fundamental human rights, civil liberties, and freedoms that are the underlying pillars of a democratic nation-state system. 

The fact is that, unshackled from the United Nations Security Council’s economic sanctions, the Islamist mullahs of Iran are more blatantly exporting their radical Islam into the West. As shown above, some liberal politicians are assisting them in doing so. These revolutionary and Islamist ideals are critical dangers and should not be allowed to penetrate democratic Western societies.