Pakistan: "Christian Girls Are Only Meant for the Pleasure of Muslim Men"

Examining the Muslim man’s “rights” over non-Muslim women.

Originally published by the Gatestone Institute.

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Three Christian girls in Pakistan, who rejected the advances of some wealthy Muslim young men, were recently mauled by them. One of the girls died.

London-born Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) and human rights activist, Wilson Chowdhry, who broke the story, reported that one of the men had said: “Christian girls are only meant for one thing, the [sexual] pleasure of Muslim men.”

The incident occurred on January 13 in Lahore. The three girls—aged 17, 18, and 20—were walking home after a hard day’s work. Four Muslim youths in a vehicle followed the girls and accosted them. The men “misbehaved,” yelled “suggestive and lewd comments,” and harassed the girls to get in their car for “a ride and some fun.”

The girls declined the “invitation,” adding that they were “devout Christians and did not practice sex outside of marriage.”

This caused an immediate change in the demeanour of the boys who became more aggressive and started to threaten the girls to enter the car or to be physically forced in. Terrified of the increasingly dangerous situation they were in the girls started to run in a fit of panic. This only enraged the young Muslim men further, one of them shouted out at the girls, he said: “How dare you run away from us, Christian girls are only meant for one thing, the pleasure of Muslim men.”

The Muslim men chased the girls and ran their car into them. Two girls crashed to the ground; one’s hip was broken, the other’s ribs were shattered. The youngest, Kiran Masih, aged 17, flew up in the air and crashed into the speeding car’s windshield. The Muslims, laughing and with the girl still on the windshield, accelerated. Eventually the driver slammed on the brakes, hard. The force of the stop catapulted the girl into the air. She then crashed to the ground, cracking her skull open and smashing her bones. Within minutes she was dead.

As usual, Pakistani police are reportedly “doing little to apprehend the young men and are allegedly delaying the investigative process,” said Chowdhry:

In any other nation [than Pakistan] the perpetrators would be arrested, convicted for murder and sentenced for a long term…. Violence against Christians is rarely investigated and highly unlikely to be met with justice…. Women have a low status in Pakistan, but none more so than Christian women who find themselves under the grip or terror, especially after this attack. Muslim NGO “Movement of Solidarity and Peace” state[s] that around 700 Christian women in Pakistan are abducted, raped and forced into Islamic marriage every year – that figure is almost two a day and the world does nothing.

Accounts like this – including the claim that it is a Muslim man’s right to rape Christians and other “infidels” – are common in Pakistan. (Click here for numerous examples of Christian girls—and boys—some as young as 2-years-old, who were sexually abused and slaughtered by Muslims on account of being “infidels,” or see Crucified Again, pgs. 193-198).

Some years back, while raping a 9-year-old Christian girl in Pakistan—leaving her “in shock and in the throes of a physical and psychological trauma”—her Muslim rapist told her “not to worry because he had done the same service to other young Christian girls.”  Discussing this Muslim man’s justification to his child rape victim, local sources said: “It is shameful. Such incidents occur frequently. Christian girls are considered goods to be damaged at leisure. Abusing them is a right. According to the community’s mentality it is not even a crime. Muslims regard them as spoils of war.”

“Spoils of war” is correct.  Here’s how the late Majid Khadduri, “internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on Islamic law and jurisprudence,” explained “spoils” in his War and Peace in the Law of Islam:

The term spoil (ghanima) is applied specifically to property acquired by force from non-Muslims. It includes, however, not only property (movable and immovable) but also persons, whether in the capacity of asra (prisoners of war) or sabi (women and children). … If the slave were a woman, the master was permitted to have sexual connection with her as a concubine.

Even in Western nations, Muslims from Pakistan believe it is their right to rape and sexually abuse “infidel” women.  In Britain in 2012, nine Muslim men—eight from Pakistan—were convicted of rape and sexual exploitation of children.  And just as Christians and other “infidels” in Pakistan are told before they are raped, the men regularly “told their victims that it was all right for them to be passed around for sex with dozens of men ‘because it’s what we do in our country.’”

Today, as Muslims spread into the West, what they do to “infidel” women in their adopted European countries is increasingly similar to what they do to “infidel” women in their home countries—as thousands of women in Cologne and other cities recently found out.