Party of Progressive Predators Fights for Feminism

When gropers, rapists, chokers and abusers claim to be the real feminists.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

Bill Clinton is getting standing ovations on Broadway. The icon of feminism whose abuses of women are no longer even a matter of debate, but have been admitted to by the same media outlets that spent a generation covering them up, is still ridiculously popular with the same urbanites who tweet #MeToo.

Al Franken is nearly as popular as Bill. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand sank her presidential ambitions the moment that she condemned his groping of numerous women. Top lefty donors, including George Soros and Susie Tompkins Buell, picked a serial groper over a female politician who stood up to him.

Their lionizing of Bill Clinton and intimidation of Gillibrand sends a message to women who have been assaulted by a Democrat that they should keep their mouths shut because no one will believe them anyway.

The Democrats have become a party of predators because their Ted Kennedys keep getting away with it.

The Chairman of the California Democratic Party, Eric Bauman, is headed to rehab after being accused of unwanted touching and sexual harassment of both men and women. Going to rehab after you’ve been caught behaving badly is a classic Dem movie. Just ask Anthony Weiner and Harvey Weinstein.

California Dems were at the center of the #MeToo firestorm, but faced very few consequences. The Democrats have turned California into a single party state and ran in the midterms on claims that they were protecting women. The question, as usual, is who was protecting women from the Democrats?

It wasn’t all that long ago that San Diego’s Democrat mayor had gone down for going after everyone from a 67-year old grandmother to sexual assault victims. His favorite moves included putting women in headlocks or locking them in the kitchen and demanding that they “make love” to him.

Bob “Filthy” Filner had been endorsed by Planned Parenthood who accused his opponent of being part of a “war on women” while claiming that, “for twenty years, Bob Filner has defended women.”

Planned Parenthood’s idea of defending women involves molestation and headlocks.

The former House member didn’t serve any time in prison and now he’s trying to launch a comeback. Like Al Franken, he’s busy “learning” and “listening” and coming to the startled realization that sexual assault victims don’t like being assaulted, even by a “progressive” with impeccable feminist credentials.

Filner walked away with three months at home and three years probation.

Across the country in New York, former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is getting a pass for choking women. Where Filthy Filner favored the headlock, Evil Eric slapped and choked his victims. The Attorney General threatened to have one woman followed, wiretapped and even killed if she broke up with him.

But the Cuomo appointee in charge of the investigation declined to prosecute a top New York Dem.

Like Franken’s victims, Schneiderman’s victims were told that if they came forward, it would upset the progressive agenda, which matters much more than being able to breathe when a prog is choking you.

Over in Minnesota, Attorney General Keith X. Ellison got a pass despite complaints of domestic abuse from two women. The first woman was intimidated into silence by the judicial system. The second one was written off. Like Schneiderman, Ellison got a pass, sending a message of intimidation to his victims.

You can complain about a Democrat official, but he’ll still be a free man and he’ll be able to get you.

Back in California, Los Angeles prosecutors declined to prosecute Michael Avenatti who, when he isn’t leaving an undulating slime trail a mile wide through every cable network green room, has been touted as a 2020 candidate. His accuser claims that he dragged her around the apartment.

In Ohio, Lance Mason, a former Dem politician and judge, was able to murder his ex-wife because he had been protected after his first vicious assault on her by Rep. Marcia Fudge. Even though Mason had beaten his wife so badly that she needed surgery, he quickly got out and got a top city job in Cleveland.

Only after murdering his wife and ramming a police officer, will Mason finally face some consequences.

A Democrat official has to literally murder a woman to earn more than a slap on the wrist. And that’s progress. Senator Ted Kennedy left a woman deep in the water and retired to a lifetime sinecure in the Senate, with occasional time off groping and mauling his way through the female population of D.C.

At least Mason, unlike Kennedy, will probably spend the rest of his miserable life behind thick bars, instead of hanging around bars and propositioning frightened waitresses with his fists and last name.

Sexual assaults and harassment are just one of those things that happen during political campaigns.

In New Jersey, a campaign volunteer for Governor Phil Murphy was allegedly sexually assaulted by his aide. She notified the governor who sat on it while the aide was offered a job in state government.

“A woman enjoys intercourse with her man as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously,” Bernie Sanders once argued.

His campaign was a predictable morass of sexual harassment and unsafe conditions.

“Men and women were made to sleep together in open rooms on mattresses with no privacy or safety locks,” Bernie’s California outreach director claimed. “I remember feeling physically unsafe at that point. I sat on the stairs in that drab house being told I’d have to sleep in a room with three other men and felt nauseous.”

But that’s just life on the Left.

Now California’s top Dem boss will head to rehab. And whether or not he comes back, you can bet that there will be no real consequences. Those aren’t things that happen to Dems, but to ordinary people.

To condemn a progressive predator is not just to condemn a man, but also his politics.

“There was a sense of loyalty. Not just to him, but to any advancement that any LGBT person makes in terms of us having representation at the table,” one of Bauman’s victims described.

“Three of my close friends told me to keep quiet because Eric’s work was so important to the progressive cause,” one of Schneiderman’s victims related.

As Franken’s female accusers came forward, the Washington Post published a nakedly cynical piece, “If we set this precedent in the interest of demonstrating our party’s solidarity with harassed and abused women, we’re only going to drain the swamp of people who, however flawed, still regularly vote to protect women’s rights and freedoms.”

If you kick out all the gropers and rapists, who’s going to have Planned Parenthood’s back?

Democrats want to be feminists and they want to put women in headlocks. They want to campaign as warriors for women’s rights while slapping and choking them. They want the political benefits of posturing as protectors of the fairer sex and the benefits of getting a pass for domestic and sexual violence. And as long as they control the justice system and the media, they will keep getting away with it. That’s why they’re cheering Bill Clinton on Broadway and planning Al Franken’s political comeback.