Progressive Traitors Stand With Saudis Over 9/11 Families

The Left shows its true Islamist colors again.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

On September 28, 2016, the two co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Keith Ellison and Raúl Grijalva, betrayed the country they claim citizenship in by standing with Saudi Arabia and Obama against 911 families. Joining them in this political treason was Progressive Caucus Whip Barbara Lee.

Ellison’s treason was unsurprising. He was the first Muslim elected to Congress. Andre Carson, the second Muslim in Congress, also joined Ellison in siding with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, also known as the King of Saudi Arabia. Saudi money has sponsored the international spread of Islam.

Keith Ellison has made multiple visits to Saudi Arabia, including a religious “Haj” visit to the terror country that serves as the center of the Islamic religion. His visit was sponsored by the Muslim American Society, a Muslim Brotherhood arm that had been aided by Saudi Arabia. Ahmed Elkadi, a key MAS figure, was the personal physician to the Saudi king. 

Ellison had defended aid to Saudi Arabia and insisted that we needed to learn from the Saudis “what they had to offer.” 

We learned it all too well on 911

While we would expect nothing better from Ellison, the Islamist on the Hill, his contemptible actions were aided and abetted by a royal list of political progressives. 

In the Senate, Bernie Sanders and Tim Kaine, Hillary’s VP, were too busy campaigning for her to support 911 families. Only Harry Reid only had enough guts to actually come to the Senate and stand with the enemy.

So did the radical leftist who billed himself as the “Congressman with Guts” and then as the aspiring “Senator with Guts”. Alan Grayson had once accused his Republican opponent of being the Taliban. But he was one who backed the Saudi Taliban by voting against the override of Obama’s 911 veto.

Grayson however didn’t have the guts to explain to his constituents why he stood with the Islamic enemies of America over the American families victimized by Islamic terrorism. But, interestingly enough, Alan Grayson had his own hedge fund operating out of the Cayman Islands that invested in companies doing business in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Pakistan. All three countries sponsor terrorism.

And Grayson had visited all three with congressional delegations. 

Aligning themselves with Grayson’s treasonous act against this country were fellow Florida Democrats, Lois Frankel and Frederica Wilson. Grayson, Frankel and Wilson are all members of the Progressive Caucus. Grayson and Wilson had also voted in favor of Obama’s treasonous illegal deal with Iran.

Frederica Wilson claimed to be a “voice for the voiceless”. Instead she proved to be a voice for the Saudis. She had declared that, “The real enemy is the Tea Party”. But the real enemy are the Saudis and their accomplices. 

In Tennessee, both members of the Democratic delegation did the Saudi dance. But one of the more shocking unanimities of treason vote came from Washington’s Democratic delegation which, almost to a man, voted in defense of Obama and his Saudi accomplices. 4 out of 6 Democratic congressmen from Washington stood with the Saudis. Representatives Heck, Larsen, McDermott and Smith chose Saudi Arabia over their country emerging as Saudi Firsters.

Of these four, McDermott’s treason is the least surprising. McDermott is not only a Progressive Caucus member, but the Seattle Socialist had been known as Baghdad Jim for a visit to Iraq funded by Saddam

Two-thirds of the Wisconsin Democratic delegation also took the Saudi side.  They include Gwen Moore, a member of the Progressive Caucus and one of the infamous “Hamas 54”. As did two-thirds of the Colorado Democratic delegation

Four Texas Democrats also voted with the Saudis including Progressive Caucus member Eddie Bernice Johnson. In California, thirteen Democrats took a stand for Islamic terror and against 911 families. 

That shameful roll concludes with Progressive Caucus member Maxine Waters.

Maxine Waters has a long consistent record of treason from South America to the Middle East. But the lowest point in her career may have come when she defended the Los Angeles rioters and looters. She supported Black Lives Matter heroine and cop killer Assata Shakur and claimed that the CIA sells drugs in black neighborhoods.  Waters defended Islamic Sharia law at the Islamic Society of Orange County.

The Islamic Society of Orange County’s director headed up Saudi Arabia’s Muslim World League. 

Joining in Waters’ treason were Progressive Caucus members Karen Bass, Danny K. Davis, Sam Farr, Barbara Lee and Mark Takano. They were joined by California Democrats, who are not official CPC members, Lois Capps, Jackie Speier, Brad Sherman, Doris Matsui, Mike Thompson and Juan Vargas.

Bass is also Secretary of the Congressional Black Caucus, many of whose members voted for the Saudis. These included Keith Ellison, Andre Carson, Gwen Moore, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Hank Johnson, John Lewis, Barbara Lee, Danny K. Davis, Elijah Cummings, Wm. Lacy Clay, James Clyburn, Donna Edwards, John Conyers, Robin Kelly, Robert Scott, Marc Veasey and Frederica Wilson.

17 members of the Congressional Black Caucus, a shockingly high percentage, came to the defense of a racist apartheid Islamic state. 

In Georgia, where half the Democratic delegation voted with the Saudis, both traitors were CPC members. John Lewis, who accuses someone of racism every 15 minutes, saw nothing wrong with taking the side of a racist apartheid state that only abolished slavery in 1962. Lewis has been dining out on his “civil rights hero” brand for a very long time. But you can’t stand with a slave state and claim to be a civil rights hero at the same time. 

The only one to whom Lewis can be a hero are the Saudis who continue to abuse slaves today. 

Joining Lewis in his despicable betrayal of modern day slaves was Hank Johnson, who had become famous for claiming that Guam might tip over and recently referred to Jews in Israel as “termites”. That’s anti-Semitic language typical of Saudi Arabia where Jews are described as “apes” and “pigs”.

In Keith Ellison and Andre Carson’s home states of Minnesota and Indiana, Democratic delegations universally backed Obama across the board as fellow Indiana Democrat, Pete Visclosky and Minnesota Democrat Betty McCollum took the same stand for the Saudis. In Kentucky, South Carolina and Louisiana, the last lone Democrats surviving in these states, John Yarmuth, a CPC member, Cedric Richmond, and Jim Clyburn voted the way that the Saudis wanted them to. 

In Michigan, CPC member John Conyers was the only one in the Democratic delegation to back Obama. Conyers has a long history of Islamist ties and has submitted resolutions in support of the Islamist agenda. But this vote shows how widely his learnings are shared by the rest of the CPC.

When the time came to be counted, 24 members of the Progressive Caucus stood with one of the most reactionary Islamic regimes on earth. What is progressive about Saudi Arabia? Nothing. Just as there is nothing progressive about the left. This vote reveals once again that the left is not for progress, it isn’t for the rights of women or gay people or any of the other groups that it cynically claims to protect.

Instead the left sides with the forces of destruction. It reflexively stands with the enemies of this country. It is naturally inclined to ally with regressive regimes, whether it is Nazi Germany, Iran or Saudi Arabia, because they are closest to its reactionary agenda of tyranny and oppression.

The vote on the 911 bill showed us the true colors of the left. We would be wise to remember it.