Progressives' Punishment for the MAGA Hat

A glimpse into the Left's fascist mind.

_Earlier this month, a teen was assaulted at a San Antonio Whataburger for wearing a MAGA hat. The perpetrator was just fulfilling his leftist duty, of course, seeing how such fascistic violent behavior has become standard procedure for leftists towards Trump supporters – and especially towards those committing the thought crime of wearing a MAGA hat._

Back in September 2017, for instance, UC Riverside student Edith Macias was infamously filmed stealing another student’s Make America Great Again hat off his head, refusing to give it back and then storming into a student services office to demand that the hat not be allowed to be worn on campus. Macias was originally charged with grand theft for the incident. She eventually pled guilty to petty theft and avoided jail time by agreeing to complete a court-appointed program. She has since taken anger management classes and also apologized to the student whose hat she stole.

Frontpage is running a clip of the incident below as a case study in our ongoing examination of the Left’s fascist totalitarian mindset.