A Question for Truthful Girl

My email to Jumanah Imad Albahri, who alleges she was "coerced" to verbalize support for genocide of the Jews.

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Robert Spencer has a recent post highlighting a statement made from someone claiming to be Jumanah Imad Albahri, the UCSD student whose words supporting the extermination of the Jews have been heard by over 300,000 people on YouTube and even more on cable television and talk radio. Albahri herself showed up in the comments to deny authorship and direct readers to her own statement.

It’s been almost a week since David Horowitz’s talk at UCSD and Albahri is all of a sudden finally trying to explain herself at a new blog she has recently created.

I have emailed Albahri. Here is what I said:

Ms. Albahri,

I’ve read your blog post in which you try and explain the remarks you made Monday night at David Horowitz’s talk.

“Towards the end of the exchange, I became emotional. I could no longer hear Mr. Horowitz speaking and so did not even hear his injection of Hezbollah’s credo of ‘rounding up’ Jews in his last tangent.  I could no longer contain my anger at being implicitly and improperly labeled a terrorist, an anti-Semite, and a proponent of genocide. The answer I was coerced into giving grossly misrepresented my beliefs and ideologies.”

I have a hard time believing your explanation that all of a sudden you could not hear what he was saying. You seemed to be able to communicate with him perfectly fine and hear what he was saying up until he asked his question. The video speaks for itself.

I have a question: if you oppose anti-Semitism and you oppose Islamists’ quest to instigate a second Holocaust, what have you ever done to challenge these tendencies within the MSA itself and Islam as a whole? If you do not hold such views yourself, why are you a part of an organization who regularly hosts speakers who call for the destruction of Israel and the extermination of the Jews?