Racial Preference Over Profiling

The America Obama wants to build is a counterfeit to what Dr. Martin Luther King envisioned.

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The word illegal means forbidden by law, so why the heat in Arizona over its crackdown on illegal immigration? The real problem is that Arizona’s enforcement measures came too late.  Allow a stranger with no fixed address to get comfy in your house, he’s there to stay unless you take measures to remove him.    You let a swarm in, you’re trounced, like what happened in Arizona, now stuck with nearly a half a million illegal immigrants. Many of them are responsible for violent crime, while the ‘race-card jockeys’ manipulate this sensitive political rally point, screaming racial profiling and discrimination.  But who cares about the innocent victims?  Not agenda-driven Democrats, willing to pave their path to power with the life blood of hardworking Americans.

President Barack Obama recently made an explicit appeal for race-based support saying he wanted to,

“reconnect with young people, African-Americans, Latinos and women who powered our victory in 2008 to stand together once again.”

Where’s inclusivity here?  The pendulum has swung and the line in the sand drawn.  America is becoming more racially divided and the Obama administration is deepening the wedge.  Obama has called the new Arizona law “misguided”, while Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva has shockingly appealed to the federal government to not co-operate when local police pick up illegal immigrants. Tempting for opponents of the new immigration bill to see this as a brand of justified civil disobedience.  Hardly. So let’s turn a blind eye to illegal immigration.   Fling the doors wide open to illegal immigrants–not only in Mexico–but everywhere.  Why discriminate and racially profile people.  Just allow racial preference instead.

America wake up.  All eyes are watching.  If Arizona gives in now, it will send a loud message that it’s party time for all potential illegal immigrants everywhere.  Given economic constraints and the war on terror, this makes no sense.  This must not be about appeasement in the short term, but what’s best for honest, hard-working citizens and their children in the long term.

From CBS:

Two decades ago, when Arizona voters rejected a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, the NFL yanked the Super Bowl from suburban Phoenix. The boycott marked a major turning point in the journey to nationwide acceptance of the King holiday.

Today, Arizona, a state full of travelers from across the Americas, is being boycotted again over a new immigration law said to encourage racial profiling. Yet just as the King debate changed hearts from average people to a president, Arizona’s troubles are positioned to again play a critical role in the twisting evolution of American race relations. AP

The America we’re seeing today is a counterfeit to what Dr. Martin Luther King envisioned when he gave his awe-inspiring “I have a Dream” speech, envisioning racial harmony for America.  This is not about racism, it’s about illegal immigration, period.

Christine Williams is the producer and host of the Canadian National Talk show On the Line on CTS TV, which has been recipient of 6 International Awards. To read Jamie Glazov’s interview with her at Frontpage, click here. She can be reached at [email protected]