Rasmea Odeh to be Stripped of U.S. Citizenship and Deported

Good riddance to a terrorist Jew killer and left-wing hero.

In an anti-climactic finish to a legal saga that has dragged on far too long, the case of the United States versus Rasmea Odeh has finally come to an end. Under the terms of a plea agreement worked out between justice department officials and Odeh, the terrorist fraudster who lied when filling out her naturalization papers will be required to plead guilty to violating 18 U.S.C §1425(a) which criminalizes knowingly procuring naturalization contrary to law. She will also be stripped of her U.S. citizenship and deported but will not have to serve jail time.

In 1969, Odeh was a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a foreign terrorist organization designated as such by the U.S. State Department. In February of that year, Odeh, acting in concert with additional members of the terrorist PFLP gang, planted two bombs in a Jerusalem supermarket and additional explosive devices at the nearby British consulate office. 

The bombs at the consulate office caused only minor property damage but one of the bombs at the supermarket claimed the lives of two Israeli university students – Leon Kaner, 21, and Edward Jaffe, 22 and injured nine others. The second explosive, insidiously timed to go off upon arrival of first responders, was miraculously detected and diffused by security personnel.

On March 1, 1969 Odeh and the other members of the terror cell were apprehended. She confessed to her role almost immediately. There was also an abundance of physical evidence linking her to the crime. Odeh received a life sentence but was released in a prisoner swap after serving just 10 years – five years for each life she took.

After living in Lebanon and then Jordan, she made her way to the United States, joining her father who was already in the country. In 1995, Odeh filled out an application for an immigrant visa and alien registration and falsely checked off “no” when asked if she was ever convicted of a crime.

In 2004, she applied for U.S. citizenship and fraudulently filled out naturalization papers in connection with her application, lying about her membership in the PFLP and her past arrest record and incarceration. She orally repeated the lies to a Department of Homeland Security officer.  

In 2013, Odeh secured employment as an Obamacare navigator in Illinois, a job that required her to assist people with healthcare options, but her employment was terminated once federal authorities commenced proceedings against her. In October 2013, she was indicted on charges relating to securing citizenship under false pretenses.

On November 10, 2014 a Detroit jury found her guilty of committing immigration fraud. Odeh potentially faced 10 years imprisonment but in March 2015, a federal judge stripped her of her citizenship and sentenced her to a term of 18 months and immediate deportation following the termination of her incarceration.

Justice however, was short lived after the Sixth Circuit overturned the District Court’s ruling, arguing that the District Court erred when it precluded contrived evidence that Odeh was suffering from PTSD-induced amnesia when filling out her immigration and naturalization forms. The case was then set for retrial. Federal prosecutors filed a superseded indictment alleging additional facts that would have made it easier for them to secure a conviction. Defense attorneys then sought an adjournment which was granted and a new trial date was set for May 16, 2017. The plea bargain renders that date moot.

During the course of her legal travails, Odeh was deified by an assorted collection of terror-supporting organizations affiliated with the radical left.  She was invited to speak at an event hosted by “Jewish Voice for Peace,” a notorious terror apologist hate group whose members subscribe to anti-Semitic canards and advocate for the destruction of Israel. She also appeared to be one of the organizers of a hate protest that called for the “decolonization of Palestine,” a leftist euphemism for the annihilation of Israel.

While Odeh’s plea bargain enables her to escape jail time, it provides some measure of closure for the families of the victims of her depravity. Odeh will have to acknowledge being a serial fabricator and will be stripped of her citizenship and deported in ignominious fashion. In light of her very public expulsion and criminal convictions, Odeh’s access to fawning, useful idiot Western audiences, like those from JVP, will henceforth be severely restricted. She will no longer have a platform in the West to spew her hate.

She will most likely return to Jordan, a nation that recently released a heinous Arab murderer who massacred seven Israeli schoolgirls on a school outing at a place called Naharayim – a patch of land that was ceded by Israel to Jordan in 1994 as part of a peace agreement. The killer served just 20 years – or 2.85 years for every Jewish girl he murdered and upon his release, was hailed by depraved Jordanians as a national hero. Odeh, the unrepentant, cold-blooded murderer who snuffed the lives of two young Jews would fit quite nicely in such a perversely macabre society. Good riddance to her!