The Right Throws Milo to the Wolves

Why the Left dominates the national culture.

The hateful Left whose most effective weapon is character assassination has created a gotcha culture for conservatives, and conservatives can be counted on to fold every time.

Barney Frank had a prostitution ring operating out of his house and masturbated into the president’s locker in the Capitol gym. But that didn’t prevent him from architecting the incredibly destructive Dodd-Frank bill and the subprime mortgage crisis because Democrats never broke ranks and protected him.

Milo is indisputably the most effective conservative on campus battling the anti-American identity-obsessed, racist Left. He is a victim of sexual abuse himself, which entails confusion on these issues. That conservatives would abandon him - throw him to the wolves - tells you everything you need to know why the Left dominates the national culture and thus the political culture which is downstream.