Save the Children, Build a Wall

The Democrats would rather see children die than build a wall.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

Since the Democrats went to war against what they called, “family separation”, two migrant children have died. They did not die, as the media would have you believe, because border security is cruel, but because encouraging migrants to cross the desert with their children, as the media has done, is evil.

The outrage, the tears and fury over the policy of deterring illegal migrants from using children to force their way into this country was not compassionate. It did not help migrant children. It killed them.

The 8-year-old boy from Guatemala and the 7-year-old girl from Guatemala, who died earlier this month, are the casualties of their false compassion for children. The media would have its viewers, readers and listeners believe that its outrage was meant to save children. It was not. It was meant to take their lives.

The dead children are not the victims of an overworked Border Patrol that has been deliberately starved of the resources to do its job, because its job would limit the ability of Democrats to steal elections. They are the victims of abusive parents or caretakers, who are willing to use the lives of their children as tickets to get inside the United States, not to escape persecution, but to double or triple their incomes.

The migrants are not refugees fleeing totalitarian regimes that are persecuting them for their beliefs. They are economic migrants who are willing to kill their children to earn more and get more free stuff. And they are every bit as guilty as the parents who leave their children to die in hot cars while they play slot machines. Any sane society would treat their murderous abuse of their children the same way.

Unfortunately we are not a sane society.

The flow of illegal migrants manufactures Democrat votes, not just through illegal voting, but through the far more pervasive problem of fake districts, boosted by illegal aliens and other non-citizens. The political machine that turned California into a Democrat one-party state where democracy is an alien concept, that has ravaged Virginia and has its gimlet eye on Texas, depends on illegal migration.

Americans have turned on the Democrats, their entire future depends on migration, legal and illegal. Without displacing American votes with foreign votes, the Democrats would have no future.

Dead kids are a small price to pay for the Democrats winning a few more House seats so Nancy Pelosi can get down to the business of repaying all her billionaire backers with taxpayer money. Not only are the dead children a small price to pay for political capital, but the media arm of the Democrats will exploit their deaths to create more political capital. Kill more children, win more elections.

The more children die, the more money the Democrats will have to divert to a “Green New Deal” for the billionaires funding their dirty tricks campaigns, gerrymandered maps and stolen elections.

It’s a political strategy made in hell and the DNC.

The deaths of these two children are already being used to argue for a further dismantling of border security that will lead to the flow of more illegal migrants and the deaths of more children.

This Cloward-Piven strategy for using children to kill immigration enforcement took off earlier with phony outrage over family separation by a political movement exploiting their suffering for votes. Now the strategy has fully matured by using not just the abuse of children, but their deaths, to perpetuate the abusive behaviors that led to their deaths.

The more children die, the more pressure there is to dismantle border security, and the more border security is dismantled, the more illegal migration will increase and the more children will die.

The Democrat war on border security is being lubricated with the deaths of children.

Meanwhile Senator Schumer and Rep. Pelosi have shut down the government to prevent it from building a wall that would save the lives of the children being trafficked through the desert.

The only way to stop children from dying in desert crossings is to put an end to the entire practice. And the only way to do that, to stop migrants from gambling that they can get away with it, is to build a wall.

Democrat leaders insist that they would rather shut down the government than build a wall because walls don’t work. Rep. Pelosi claimed that it would be immoral to waste money on a wall. Sen. Jeff Merkley claimed that a wall was “fourth century technology”. So is the wheel. And fire.

Walls work quite well. That’s why military bases, government buildings and the Obama home have them.

The Democrats don’t oppose a wall because they’ve suddenly developed a conscience over “wasting” $5 billion in the massive multi-trillion budgets that have become the norm. The same politicians who casually plunk down the lifetime income of a working family on a study about alcoholic lesbians or the sex lives of squirrels at one of their hometown academic institutions have not suddenly learned to watch taxpayer wallets. If Trump had proposed spending $5 billion on a giant hamster wheel or another Vermont museum dedicated to President Chester A. Arthur, it would be in the budget.

Democrats are willing to shut down the government over a wall because they fear it would work.

A wall would cut off the flow of illegal aliens, shrink the growth of illegal alien districts and kill the electoral strategy of the Democrats for the next twenty years. And it would save children’s lives.

Building a wall would save the lives of American children taken by illegal alien drunk drivers.

Like Marten Kudlis, a 3-year-old boy who died on the floor of a Baskin Robbins with his jugular vein slashed by broken glass after an illegal alien, who had previously been arrested 16 times, slammed into a pickup truck while going 81 miles an hour. Or 11-year-old Abigail Robinson and 6-year-old Anna Dieter-Eckerdt who were killed when an illegal alien DREAMER ran over them while playing in a pile of leaves.

But building a wall would also stop children from being exploited and abused by illegal aliens. A wall would save the little boys and girls, who suffer and die, while being used as pawns by the Democrats.

The Democrats would rather shut down the government than build a wall. They would rather see women raped in the desert than build a wall. They would rather see children die than build a wall.

The best way to deal with the deaths of these two children is not to dismantle border security. That would lead to even more deaths. It’s to stop children from being endangered by ending illegal migration.

Save the children, build a wall.