Sharia, Lies and Videotape

A leftist’s embarrassing attack on a former child bride unveils the pernicious lies of Jihad Denial.

Anni Cyrus is a former child bride from Iran who suffered terribly under Sharia Law and was able to miraculously escape Islam’s totalitarian clutches. Today she is a human rights activist who tours our nation in an effort to raise awareness about Sharia; she runs her own website,, and produces this writer’s web-tv show, The Glazov Gang, which aims to tell the truth about the Leftist-Islamic Unholy Alliance.

Anni’s brave and noble fight on behalf of Muslims and non-Muslims who suffer at the hands of Jihad and Islamic Law has made her all the right enemies. The hate group, Southern Poverty Law Center, for example, is now targeting Anni, as is the Muslim-Brotherhood front-group CAIR, which is doing its best to try to silence the former child bride. Anni should take pride, of course, in these kind of attacks by these vile forces, since they confirm that she is doing something very right and humane – and effectively so.

Anni was recently invited to the Henry Monsky Lodge of B’nai B’rith in Omaha, Nebraska, to talk about Sharia Law and how she survived it. At the end of her talk, a leftist by the name of Steve, who described himself as a “lawyer,” attacked Anni with the preferred Jihad Denial slanders and accused her of preaching “hatred.” His intriguing performance was caught on video – which can be seen here. As it quickly became evident, Anni takes no prisoners when confronted with ignorance and she wiped the floor with Steve – just as she recently did with an Antifa “feminist.”

The exchange between Steve and Anni is crucial for us to highlight and examine, because the accusations and slanders that Steve hurled at Anni are the key falsehoods and smears that hate groups like CAIR and SPLC hurl at her and at other truth-tellers and freedom fighters. These malicious libels and slanders are at the core of the Jihad Denial that is now controlling our culture and its boundaries of discourse. And it is precisely this denial that clouds the threat we face in the terror war – and pushes what propels it into invisibility.

Because Jihad Denial achieves this destructive feat, it disables our civilization from making a proper threat assessment. It prevents us, therefore, from gauging clearly what is actually killing us and, therefore, from properly defending ourselves against it. The Jihad Denial practiced by the Obama administration, after all, enabled and facilitated the Jihadist attacks on our territory, such as the San Bernardino, Orlando and Boston Marathon Jihadist massacres – which could have easily been prevented if the Obama administration had allowed our intelligence agencies to make a proper threat assessment, which it did not.

Thus, what we see in this videotape exchange between Anni and Steve very much reflects the core of our battle against the Unholy Alliance, for we witness the lies and deceptions that the enemy uses to smear the heroes trying to protect our civilization and to blur the truth – so that our vision is blinded and our ability to act decapitated.

Consequently, because the tactics that Steve employs in this video are so vital for all freedom-loving people to identify, we will now narrow in on his five main contentions/accusations and unveil their erroneous and disingenuous nature. We encourage all of our readers to watch the short video before reading ahead.

We begin:

[1] Steve knows many peaceful Muslims.

Steve begins by stating that he knows many Muslims that “don’t subscribe” to anything Anni has talked about. This is the “Not All Muslims Do That!“ con job. The flawed and deceptive assumption here is that because not all Muslims do something, it somehow makes the problem of Jihad and Sharia – and their victims – disappear. But it is completely inconsequential whether all Muslims do something or not. What matters is that Islamic Law exists independently of whether Muslims follow it or not. Muslims, as scholar Raymond Ibrahim points out, are not larger than Islam.

Anni makes the key point to Steve that there are many people who label themselves as “Muslim” but who do not follow Islamic Law. Their existence does not make Islamic Law wither away, nor does it erase the Muslims who follow it – or the people they hurt by doing so. There are, therefore, naturally many “good” Muslims who may be lucky enough to live free of Sharia and who, thankfully, do not follow Jihadist and other Islamic mandates. But we have to remember that they are considered “bad” Muslims by Islam.

[2] Steve finds the notion that Sharia is trying to take over “absurd.”

Steve states that he finds the notion of Islam trying to take over “absurd,” but what Islam teaches exists independently of what Steve believes. It is simply a fact that all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence teach that it is part of the responsibility of the Islamic community to struggle (wage Jihad) against unbelievers in order to extend the supremacy of Islamic law (Sharia) worldwide. And the Muslim Brotherhood has clearly stated in its own internal documents that its goal is to destroy our civilization by our own hands.

[3] In every religion there are people who have had “unfortunate experiences.”

Steve stresses that humans have suffered under every religion. Here he is tapping into the popular “Others Do It Too!” charade. This is when the Jihad-Denier hears about a crime committed by Islam and immediately brings up something that someone else has done that is allegedly similar. This tactic is severely flawed for the following two basic reasons:

First, it is based on the false and bizarre assumption that a crime committed by a person in one place should for some reason be exonerated if another person does the same thing somewhere else.

Second, as Robert Spencer documents, there is no moral equivalency between Islam and Christianity/Judaism. For instance, if a Christian commits murder or engages in sexual slavery, he is acting in an un-Christian manner because he is violating Christian teachings. But if Muslims kill unbelievers or force non-Muslim girls into sexual slavery, which the Islamic State and Boko Haram do on a daily basis, they can find justification for this behavior in Islamic texts (for killing unbelievers, see here, and for rape and sex slavery, see here.)

[4] Steve doesn’t know of any honor killings in the United States.

Steve says he is unaware of any honor killings in America, so that means, in his mind, that there must not be any. But, unfortunately, honor killings exist independently of Steve’s knowledge about them. There are, tragically, many honor killings transpiring in America. The Said sisters, Amina and Sarah, for example, were honored murdered by their father in 2008 in Texas for being too Westernized. Noor Almaleki was murdered by her father in a Phoenix suburb in 2009 for the same reason. Aasiya Hassan had her head chopped off in Buffalo, New York in 2009 by her Muslim husband – whose purported life goal was, intriguingly enough, to show America the “moderate” nature of Islam. Shaima Alawadi was murdered by her husband in California in 2012.

These honor killing victims in America represent myriad other victims. One only needs to go to Pamela Geller’s site, the Geller Report, and do a word search on honor killings in America to see this horrifying and widespread reality.

Steve also appears to believe that Israel is an Islamic country that has honor killings. But Israel is not Islamic nor do honor killings occur there; the ones that may happen in Israel are committed by Muslims in the name of Islam. It is also worth mentioning that the potential victims of honor killings in the Palestinian territories, and other Arab environments – who include women and homosexuals – flee to Israel for safe haven.

In the Islamic world, honor killing is a way of life and the police usually do not even act on them. In her memoir Burned Alive: A Victim of the Law of Men, for example, a Palestinian woman who calls herself “Souad” tells the story of her attempted “honor” killing in the West Bank. It is the first account of the practice of honor killings given by a survivor. It is a terrifying story and a must-read.

Steve also verbalizes his fantasy about Islamic authorities not approving of honor killing and honor killing being a “cultural” and pre-Islamic reality. The reality, of course, is that Islamic honor killing is rooted in Islamic misogynist texts. And there is a reason why Islamic authorities approve of honor killings and why, in Jordan, for instance, Articles 97, 98, 99, 340 of the Penal Code are designed to reduce and even erase penalties for honor killing.

Steve also says he had never heard of Reliance of the Traveler, but, again, his having never heard of something doesn’t negate its existence. A classic manual of Sharia, the Reliance of the Traveler is certified by Al-Azhar University and is the most prestigious institution in Sunni Islam. And as Anni patiently explains to Steve, it permits parents to kill their kids if they are dishonoring Islam.

[5] Steve says Anni’s message is one of “hate.”

Steve finishes his attacks by stating that Anni’s message is one of hatred. This is the typical slander that leftists and their Islamic Supremacist allies use to silence truth-tellers about Islam. The key reality to stress here is that Anni’s message is one of love, seeing that she is a child bride survivor who is trying to save not only non-Muslim women and girls, but also Muslim women and girls from the horrors of Islamic gender apartheid. Her objective is to try to protect non-Muslims and Muslims alike from the barbarity of Jihad and Sharia.

Steve is obviously trying to allege that Anni is spreading hatred against Muslims. But he is conflating Islam and Muslims -- which is a common falsehood perpetrated by the Leftist-Islamic Unholy Alliance. Anni is focusing on Islam, which is an ideology, and not on the people who find themselves within its environment and/or suffer because it. She is trying to help and protect those people.


All these libels that Steve casts at Anni are crucial to expose, for they are at the foundation of our enemy’s attack on our freedom and security today. Indeed, the enemy is working 247 to cripple our civilization – and it is doing so by libeling all the brave and noble people who are trying to stand in its way.

We must, therefore, call out the lies against heroes such as Anni Cyrus – and all truth-tellers about Islamic Law – every step of the way.

Our lives and liberty depend on it.