Shitholes and Double Standards

Why the Left’s outrage over Trump’s language is bogus.

During the 2016 election campaign, candidate Trump said he would “bomb the shit out of ISIS,” and few Democrats objected as the victorious president fulfilled his promise. On the other hand, the president’s recent reference to “shit-hole” countries launched a tide of outrage that turns out to be rather selective.

Consider this phrase, for example: “Motherf—er’s never happy.” Could that be Trump on one of his favorite fake news anchors, Robert Mueller, or maybe “Rocket Man” Kim Jong-un?

Actually the speaker is POTUS 44, formerly known as Barry Soetoro. As his “narrator” David Axelrod describes it in Believer, the never happy “motherf—er” was speech coach Michael Shaheen. So readers might wonder what the president said about those less than worshipful of his plan to transform the United States into Soviet Americastan.

As Pulitzer Prize winner David Garrow has it in Rising Star, POTUS 44 called a fellow Illinois politician a “motherf—er,” and even threatened to kick his ass. It remains unclear if he did any kicking.

Before his entry to the world of politics, the former Barry Soetoro may have picked up on this from his beloved “Frank,” who gets more than 2,000 words in Dreams from My Father. Frank is the author of the autobiographical Sex Rebel: Black, very frank in its use of crude language. Frank’s Livin’ the Blues also features colorful terms that Barry may have internalized and later deployed.

POTUS 44 may also have taken a cue from his chosen pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, known for uplifting phrases such as “God damn America.” So in the view of POTUS 44’s favorite clergyman, the United States is a goddamned country, much worse than any shit-hole country. 

Recall that when Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act, vice president Joe Biden said it was a “big f—ing deal.” Of course, the serial plagiarizer may have stolen that language from some joke he heard in grade school. 

George W. Bush was overheard telling Dick Cheney that New York Times reporter Adam Clyer was a “major league asshole.”  In similar style, in the Nixon tapes, the president refers to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as a “son of a bitch,” and an “asshole.”

Democrat Jerry Brown failed three times to become president and instead wound up as California’s hereditary, recurring governor. When informed of lingering safety issues on the new span of the Bay Bridge, Brown famously said, “I mean, look, shit happens.” The bridge was also ten years late and $5 billion over budget, so the governor had a point.

If president Bill Clinton believed any nation was a shit-hole country he did not say so publicly. On the other hand, in his Oval Office couplings with “that woman,” Monica Lewinsky, he surely mouthed some colorful expressions. In similar style, his sexual demands to Paula Jones and other women must have been rather crude and blunt.  

According to insiders, Hillary Clinton called Bill a “goddamn stupid f—ing fool,” and sometimes a “Jew motherf—er,” “Jew boy” and “Jew bastard.” Maybe she meant Bill was “deplorable,” but one has to wonder. 

Another Democrat, President Lyndon Johnson, said the United Nations “couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel.”

General Dwight Eisenhower, who teamed with FDR to bomb the shit out of Nazi Germany, was familiar with the military term SNAFU. That means “Situation Normal All F—ed Up,” but Ike never said that in public. On the other hand, in 1957, President Eisenhower wasn’t going to take any shit from Arkansas racists when they attempted to bar black students from Central High School in Little Rock In fact  the Republican president sent troops to keep the Ku Kluckers at bay and allow the black students to study in peace.

President Truman, another Democrat, achieved final victory in World War II by bombing the shit out of Japan. On the other hand, Truman thought a speech by General Douglas MacArthur was “a bunch of damn bullshit.” The president had the right to his opinion but the language was not new.

As one theory has it, in the days of sailing vessels, transporting manure deep in the hold could prompt an explosion from methane emissions. So the substance was marked “Stow High in Transit” and became known simply as “shit,” a term still in use today.

Every news anchor, entertainer, and politician uses it in some form. So to combine the language of Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Harry Truman, the Democrat and media outrage over president Trump’s use of language is a bunch of goddamn f—ing bullshit.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un doubtless knows that if he lobs a nuclear missile toward the United States, President Trump will bomb the shit out of his shit-hole regime, just like he did with the Islamic State.