SJP's Wall of Lies

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Every panel on this wall is a lie, and every lie on this panel is genocidal. This slideshow debunks those lies.

SJP’s Wall of Lies from JewHatredOnCampus

Photographs by Elliott Hamilton


SJP’s Wall of Lies

Lie 1: Theft of the Land from the Arabs.

The land on which Israel was created belonged to the Turks (who are not Arabs) for 400 years before it was forfeited to the victors (England and France) in World War I. “Palestine” is a Roman word that refers to a geographical region not a country or an ethnicity. Ninety-percent of the “Palestine Mandate” was ceded to the Arabs, Ten Percent to the Jews. The land of Israel was historically Jewish. The map shown depicts a shrinking Palestine, but in 1947 no such country existed, and no such self-described people inhabited it. The Arabs wanted one Arab union across the Middle East since there are no language, cultural, religious or ethnic differences between Arabs. The “nations” around the Jordan River were all created by European colonial powers out of the Turkish Empire.

The Jews did not “steal” the land because an indigenous population cannot steal its own land, and they like all the other inhabitants were previously subjects of the Turkish Empire. The Jews bought the land and when they were killed and oppressed, they fought for it.

There is no standard by which the occupying Muslim colonists had more right to land in the defeated Turkish Empire than the indigenous Jews.

Lie 2: Anti-Zionism

Anti-Zionism is not a rejection of bigotry; it _is_ bigotry. It is a rejection of the Jewish right to self-determination. It is the same bigotry as the ISIS persecution of minorities in Syria and Iraq.

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism are not separate bigotries. They are the same bigotry.

The only ground for rejecting the right of the Jews to their own country, on a territory associated with them for more than 2,000 years before Arabs invaded the region, is objecting to them as a people.

Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism.

Lie 3: Divestment 

Divestment targets companies that do business with Israel, not companies that do business with China or Turkey. Both China and Turkey are engaged in actual illegal occupations (of Cyprus and Tibet). The only reasons to make Israel the target are anti-Semitism and genocide: the desire to destroy the Jewish state and its people.

Lie 4: Israeli Apartheid

Israeli Apartheid is a genocidal fiction.

Israel is neither a colonial nor an occupying power. It does not deny legal or civil rights to minorities. It treats minorities, both Muslim and non-Muslim, better than any Muslim state in the region does.

The root cause of the separations that exist are the multiple Arab invasions of the Jewish state dating back to its creation in 1948 and continuing to this day. When Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, Gaza became a terrorist state launching thousands of rockets into Jewish schoolyards and other civilian areas. Under international law, Israel had every right to annex the West Bank (which happens to be the historic homeland of the Jews) and Gaza. Instead it has tried to protect its citizens from their terrorism until the Arab aggressors recognize Israel’s right to exist. The term “apartheid,” which has no reality is used by anti-Semites to compare Israel to racist South Africa and soften it up for the kill.

Lie 5: Anti-Blackness in Israel

African migrants face a perilous journey. This journey is far more dangerous in Muslim countries than in Israel. Along the way, they are sold for their organs in Egypt.

The worst thing Israel does is deport them.

Illegal immigration is a topic of debate in America, Europe and around the world. Singling out Israel over an international issue is a malicious attempt to distort the truth and damn the Jews.

Lie 6: Hijacking Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King was a supporter of Israel. Quoting him as if he were attacking Israel is a racist use of the icon of civil rights and tolerance to advance a cause he would have condemned.

Lie 7: Gaza Massacre 

Bombing terrorist sites in Gaza is self-defense against Palestinian massacres of Jews.

Israeli families face constant attacks from Gaza by its terrorist Hamas rulers. It has been the target of more than 7,000 rocket attacks from Gaza randomly aimed to kill as many civilians as possible. No country can be expected to watch its children be murdered or to have rockets fall on its cities without responding.

Bombing Hamas targets in Gaza isn’t a massacre. It’s self-defense against a massacre.

Lie 8: Israeli Separation Wall 

Walls and security fences are normal to borders. They are indispensable when you are the target of terrorists who blow up women and children to achieve their ends.

The United States has barriers along its border with Mexico. Egypt has its own barrier with Gaza to protect it from attacks by Hamas terrorists.

#allborderswillfall is also the slogan of ISIS and also means that all nations will fall to a single ISIS totalitarian state. But if all nations will fall, then what basis is there in campaigning for a Palestinian state? There is none. A Palestinian state is not the goal of Hamas or Fatah. The destruction of the Jewish state is.

Lie 9: The Dread Caterpillar

The Caterpillar Corporation has a presence throughout the Middle East.

If the boycott Caterpillar campaign was to defend human rights, it would be directed against Saudi Arabia which oppresses women and bars non-Muslims from entire cities in a real Apartheid State. The boycott of Caterpillar is solely a campaign to attack the Jews.

Lie 10: In Their Own Words, Not

The claim that Ariel Sharon said, “there is no Zionism, colonization, or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs,”  is a fabrication. 

The claim that Ben Gurion said, “We must expel the Arabs and take their places”, is a widely circulated lie. He actually said, “We do not want to and we do not have to expel Arabs and take their place”

Sharon stated, “If we thought that instead of 200 Palestinian fatalities, 2,000 dead would put an end to the fighting at a stroke, then we would use much more force.”

He then went on to say. “But in our opinion the opposite is true.”

Sharon was stating that the conflict won’t end with inflicting more casualties. The statement is basic military strategy which is the same determination the US and every other country has to use in every conflict. The Obama administration has voiced the same idea about Afghanistan many times.

Lie 11: Myths and More Myths That Permeate the Wall

The SJP version of facts and myths is one where the facts are myths and the myths are facts.

Israel is undeniably a democracy. Quoting a radical bigot who claims that it’s only a democracy for the Jews is bigoted and dishonest at a time when the Arab List is the third largest party in Israel’s parliament.

Muslims in Israel are more prosperous than those in neighboring countries. If Israel is forcing them to be poor, then who is forcing Muslims in Jordan and Egypt to be poor?

Rocket fire continued coming from Gaza despite the ceasefire. You can’t break a ceasefire that the other side already broke.

Jews did not live in “harmony” with Muslims in 1948. Jews were oppressed and persecuted. They were massacred in Hebron and Jerusalem. Under Islamic law, Jews had fewer rights than Muslims in every way.

Those who are quickest to call Israel an Apartheid State are supporters of the real Apartheid rules under non-Muslims live in Arab states.

Lie 12: And Not a Drop to Drink

The water supply of the West Bank comes via systems built by Israel. There is enough water for water parks and swimming pools. There clearly isn’t a water shortage.

Lie 13: Boycott, Divest, Sanction Is About Human Rights

BDS targets the Jewish state rather than repressive nations, including those around it. Honest BDS would boycott Saudi Arabia or China. Not Israel. But BDS is not about rights and social justice. It is about destroying the Jewish state. It is Jew-hatred as policy.

It is not a grass roots effort as its supporters claim but an extension of the original Arab League boycott of Israel, which was motivated by its racist refusal to recognize the Jewish state.

Lie 14: Casualty Scores

Fabricated Palestinian death toll claims are notorious because they are so common. Reported death tolls from Israeli attacks on terrorist compounds and locations count terrorists as civilians and adults as children creating ridiculously inflated totals.

The battle against terrorism, Palestinian or otherwise, cannot be mapped on a scoreboard. The United States killed more Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan than the 3,000 who died in New York on 911. Far more Japanese were killed in WW2 than the Americans killed at Pearl Harbor.

It’s not about whose score is higher. It’s about who started the war and who wants peace.

Lie 15: Israel’s Security Measures Target Innocents.

Terrorism has a Price

The TSA has multiple rules for air travel. Terrorism has forced Israel to make various rules to prevent terrorism attacks. If the terrorism did not exist, there would be no need for checkpoints. The SJP attack on checkpoints is an attempt to disarm the Jews so that the Palestinian terrorists can kill them.

Lie 16: Foreign AID 

The SJP attacks foreign aid to Israel, but avoids the fact that all Palestinians are clients of a foreign funded welfare state. There is an entire UN agency, UNRWA, dedicated to the Palestinian Arabs funded in part by US taxpayers. Also unmentioned is the fact that the United States has been funding the operations of the Palestinian Authority, which along with UNRWA, is the largest employer in the West Bank.

US funding of the Palestinian Authority is funneled through numerous domestic and foreign agencies making it very difficult to get an exact count, but the official number for 2009 alone was $960 million, which is about twice the per capita amount that Israel receives.

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