Socialist “Messiah” Andrés Manuel López Obrador Wins Mexican Presidency

Why AMLO is malo for Mexico and USA.

Leftist Wins Mexico Presidency in Landslide With Mandate to Reshape Nation,” proclaimed the headline in the New York Times late Sunday. The leftist is Andrés Manuel López Obrador, also known as AMLO, and his landslide victory “upended the nation’s political establishment and handed him a sweeping mandate to reshape the country.” 

Some are hailing AMLO as a “messiah,” and he says he wants to maintain close relations with the United States. On that theme his pre-election pronouncements need attention.

In late June, López Obrador said that soon after the victory of his National Regeneration Movement, “we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world.” Immigrants, he said, “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States” and this was “a human right we will defend.” So the new Mexican president wants to dictate policy for the United States, no surprise given the dynamics driving illegal immigration. 

Previous waves of immigrants entered the USA legally and none from Poland, Italy or Ireland thought their nation held a claim to Vermont or Massachusetts. Mexicans tend to enter the USA illegally because they believe that the American southwest was “stolen” from them, and so they are only entering their own country. For the record, in 1848, a full 170 years ago and 13 years before the Civil War, an outnumbered American force defeated Mexico, which duly signed a treaty ceding those lands. 

Previous generations of immigrants did not believe they were racially superior to Americans. That is the view of La Raza Cosmica, by Jose Vasconcelos, Mexico’s former education minister and a presidential candidate. According to this book, republished in 1979 by the Department of Chicano Studies at Cal State LA, students of Scandinavian, Dutch and English background are dullards, blacks are ugly and inferior, and those “Mongols” with the slanted eyes lack enterprise. The superior new “cosmic” race of Spaniards and Indians is replacing them, and all Yankee “Anglos.” 

This master-race theory, as the Communist Bert Corona called it, is certified gospel for politicians such as California senate boss Kevin de Leon who wrote the state’s sanctuary law. That’s why he gives state jobs to false-documented illegals, a violation of state law. California privileges illegals with in-state tuition and admission preference on the basis of ethnicity, another violation of state law. 

If the illegals are violent criminals, de Leon, governor Jerry Brown and attorney general Xavier Becerra believe they are still better people and protect them from deportation. And this fall one million illegals could be voting in California alone

Like-minded Democrats in many states form a kind of Mexican Occupational Government (MOGO), ignoring U.S. law and serving the interests of Mexico. In effect, recent anti-ICE demonstrations functioned as campaign rallies for Lopez Obrador, on record that he won’t do Trump’s “dirty work” by restraining illegal crossing of Mexico’s own southern border. 

As the New York Times noted, AMLO’s opponents compared him to Hugo Chavez, the former socialist leader of Venezuela. The socialist Chavez took over the richest economy in South America, with the largest proven oil reserves in the world. Venezuela since has become a nightmare of hyperinflation, violence and poverty. Food is so scare that, as the Independent notes, “three in four citizens report involuntary weight loss, averaging 19 pounds in a year.”

AMLO may make great promises but like Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro his leftist policies are certain to be malo for the Mexican economy. That will prompt more Mexicans to “leave their towns and find a life in the United States,” which AMLO believes is a “human right.”

President Trump must not allow AMLO to dictate American policy. The president should continue construction of the wall, step up deportations, reinforce ICE and send more troops to the border. 

In an April speech, AMLO said Mexico would not become a “_piñata_” for any foreign government. From January to November 2017, Mexicans in the United States sent back $26.1 billion, impossible without massive input from American taxpayers. So the USA is Mexico’s piñata, not the reverse, and president Trump should move to tax, restrict or halt remittances to Mexico. 

The president might also run some numbers on what U.S. taxpayers have spent to house criminal Mexican nationals such as Juan Corona, who murdered at least 25 Americans, and racist cop killer Luis Bracamontes, who in court yelled “black lives don’t matter.” 

The Mexican election served as a primary for activists such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of Democratic Socialists of America. The affluent Bernie Sanders acolyte, 28, thinks the anti-ICE message can help Democrats capture the Midwest and has rapped Sen. Tammy Duckworth, who doesn’t think so. 

The mid-terms might also function as a test of how much Americans are going to take from MOGO types on behalf of people who aren’t supposed to be in the country. Meanwhile, an important date is coming before November.  

In 2014, Mexican police opened fire on a bus, killing six students and more than 40 others are still missing. Former Mexican president Vincente Fox tells the parents “it’s about time” they give up their demands on the Mexican government and “accept reality.” 

Those students were heading for a protest of the Tlatelolco Massacre, when Mexican troops gunned down hundreds of protesters. The 50th anniversary is coming up on October 2. It will be interesting to see what socialist messiah Andrés Manuel López Obrador has to say about it.