Socialist Youth Leader Lies About Her Rapists’ Ethnic Backgrounds

Leftist madness in Germany reaches new heights.

It is an old story: A self-hating leftist willing to sacrifice anyone and anything, even herself, on the altar of political correctness for the sake of the latest, trendy, political cause.

Last January, Selin Goren, the spokesperson for the national youth wing of the Left Party, a far-left German political party, was attacked late one night close to her family’s apartment in Mannheim. With her grandparents visiting from Turkey, Goren had stepped out to get some fresh air.

At a playground, she noticed three young men hanging around, drinking alcohol. But unfortunately, she did not notice one of them sneaking up on her. He threw her to the ground and, with his two accomplices, forced her to perform a sex act before robbing her.

This is not an uncommon event nowadays in Germany. The number of young female and child victims of sexual assault has increased dramatically since Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed, unscreened, more than one million migrants, primarily from the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, to pour into the country in a few months.

But what Goren, described as a “convinced socialist,” did next was not only uncommon, but disgraceful - and probably illegal: She lied to police. Which Goren herself revealed in an interview in the German publication, Der Spiegel, in early July.

The nature of Goren’s lie concerned her attackers’ ethnic background. She told police they were a “mixed group” of white Germans and youths of immigrant appearance. And they spoke only German.

Twelve hours later, however, after being persuaded by a friend, Goren, of immigrant background herself, returned to police with the truth. There were no white Germans and her assailants spoke only Arabic or Farsi.

So why did Goren lie about her own violation?

The future, socialist politician, who is involved in migrant issues and has visited Middle Eastern refugee camps, provided the answer herself in “an open letter to a fictional refugee,” which she posted on Facebook (since deleted). Namely, she did not want her rape to bring migrants into disrepute and “fuel aggressive racism.”

“I am really sorry that your sexist and line-crossing treatment of me could help fuel aggressive racism,” she wrote. “I’m going to scream…I will not stand by and watch, and it can happen, that racists name you as the problem. You’re not the problem. You’re usually a wonderful human being who deserves as much as any other to be safe and free.”

This incident is a good example of how poisonous and self-destructive the leftist ideology really is.

Firstly, it seems incredible that someone who postures so publicly as such a compassionate and caring human being as to visit refugee camps would so heartlessly sacrifice and endanger other women’s safety for the sake of her twisted beliefs. In case she had forgotten, her lie had caused police to look for the wrong persons, leaving the culprits free to rob and rape again. And equally hypocritical is the fact that she is a “representative of a political organization that, next to feminism, has anti-racism inscribed on its flag.”

Secondly, her rapists are not “wonderful” human beings, but criminals who need to be removed from society as quickly as possible. They have already brought themselves into disrepute by their actions. So there is no cause for worry on that account.

But there appears to be something even more perverse at work here than just lying for politically correct expediency. As one German newspaper reader asked:

“It doesn’t make sense. Why go to the police at all if you are going to lie?”

The answer could be that Goren’s lie may not have concerned only her fear of inciting racism against migrants. After all, her remaining silent about the sexual assault would have accomplished that.

Goren may rather have seen the incident as an opportunity to cast white Germans in the same negative light as migrants, who have received so much bad press in recent months regarding sexual crimes against women and children. If such is the case, one must then ask who here is the real racist?

But Goren’s lying to police can also be viewed as part of the general line German politicians of all mainstream parties (except the populist Alternative for Germany Party (AfD)) and German media have adopted concerning migrant crime, especially sex crimes. They are to be covered up or downplayed.

After the sexual assaults by migrants against hundreds of women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, for example, German media, incredibly, did not mention the incident for three days. As a result of this and other migrant crimes that have been under-reported, or not reported at all, many Germans now derisively call their media “die Luegenpresse” (the lying press).

Cologne police also did not mention the horrific New Year’s Eve events in their press release the following day, falsely stating the evening had been “largely peaceful.” The city’s mayor, Henriette Reker, even got into the protect-the-migrants act, telling women they should keep “an arm’s length” from strangers. Which many understood as blaming the victims rather than the criminals.  

Political interference also occurred on the state level. In what has been called “an attempted manipulation of police reports,” the Interior Ministry for the state of North Rhineland-Westphalia (NRW), which is ruled by a Socialist-Green Party coalition and where Cologne is located, is accused of instructing police to remove the word “rape” from a later report.

Like Goren, Germany’s elites lie, so as not to incite so-called racism against migrants. But, more importantly, they also do so in order not to prove correct those people who had criticized Angela Merkel for flooding Germany with hundreds of thousands of unscreened, young men from Third World cultures that hold women in contempt. The last thing these elites want is to strengthen the hated right, particularly the AfD, by showing their criticisms were justified and government policies were wrong. For Goren and Germany’s elites, this takes precedence over women’s and children’s safety or any qualms concerning deceitful conduct on their part.

But Goren and those of her leftist ilk differ from Merkel and other mainstream politicians in that they, like the Islamic suicide bombers, are willing to sacrifice themselves, and even family members, for their cause.

This anti-life, leftist mindset, obsessed with death, manifested itself first in tsarist Russia in terrorist groups like the People’s Will of the 1880s. Historian Anna Geifman calls Russia’s pre-revolutionary, socialist death cults the “Vanguard of Modern Terrorism,” since they were the template for future terrorist groups of all stripes.

In her book, Memoirs of a Revolutionist, People’s Will member Vera Figner, who helped assassinate Tsar Alexander II, clearly illustrates the terrorists’ and leftists’ nihilistic thinking, and how little it has changed, when she summed up her organization’s 1879 constitution.

“These requirements of the constitution consisted,” Figner wrote, “first, in the promise to devote all one’s mental and spiritual strength to the revolutionary work to forget for its sake all ties of kinship, and all personal sympathies, love and friendships; second, to give one’s life also, if necessary, taking no thought of anything else, and sparing no one nothing…”.        

Goren, at least in spirit, would have made a good People’s Will member. And unfortunately for the rest of us, we share our society with thousands more equally brainwashed, even fanatical, political activists like her.