Stalker of Turning Point USA Arrested

Creepy leftist Alexander Micah Cohen enters not guilty plea.

A Chicago-area leftist has entered a plea of not guilty to threatening to “shoot” and “blow up” a Turning Point USA-sponsored conference of conservative high school students that took place a month ago in the nation’s capital.

The charge came after foul-mouthed Antifa demonstrators assaulted Turning Point founder Charlie Kirk and his communications director Candace Owens while they were trying to enjoy breakfast August 6 at a Philadelphia restaurant.

Alexander Micah Cohen, 28, of Skokie, Illinois, was reportedly arrested in late July, after the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., began investigating threats he allegedly made pertaining to Turning Point’s High School Leadership Summit conducted July 23 through 26 at George Washington University. High-profile speakers at the confab included U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Washington police acted after the parent of a student attending the summit saw Cohen’s threats online and alerted the FBI.

Cohen pled not guilty August 24 before Judge Sean C. Staples in District of Columbia Superior Court and was set free on his own recognizance. He was also ordered to stay away from George Washington University. His next court appearance in the case listed as court file 2018 CMD 012489 is September 24.

Cohen targeted the Turning Point conference, which hundreds of conservative high school students attended, by tweeting a photo of a man bearing a baseball bat adorned with barbed wire and the message “On my way to #HSLS2018 to greet the nice conservative teenagers.”

On July 26, after Attorney General Sessions spoke at the summit, Cohen took to Twitter to post an image of himself and the message: “I’m riding through D.C. [to] go and shoot GWU up … We gon’ come and blow GWU up.”

Cohen responded flippantly when police contacted him. A police detective said in court documents that Cohen told her she “should focus on others who post photos of guns.” When asked to explain what his July 26 tweet meant, he “declined to comment any further.”

Making death threats against Republicans is Cohen’s thing.

On June 14, 2017, the same day Bernie Sanders supporter James T. Hodgkinson gravely wounded and came close to assassinating House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), Cohen used his Twitter account at @DudeSlater to urge the murder of Republican senators. Claiming to be editor-in-chief of Vox, Cohen tweeted a professional-quality table of graphics about what it would take to prevent the enactment of the Trump-backed proposed “American Health Care Act” of 2017 that would have partially repealed Obamacare.

The graphic showed a guillotine, its blade raised high and ready to be used, beside the message: “KILLING 3 GOP SENATORS WOULD RENDER THEM UNABLE TO PASS IT[:] With only 49 Senators, the GOP would be unable to pass AHCA for the President’s signature[.]“

The fake Voxsplanation continued:


1 death per every 830 losing insurance multiplied by 24 million uninsured by 2026

equals 28,916 lives saved, minus 3 lives taken


That’s leftist math for you.

After the Scalise shooting, Slate profiled Cohen, who described himself as “independent left-leaning.”

“He told me his real name is Alexander Cohen and that he lives in Chicago, where he works in the life insurance industry. He has about 2,000 followers on Twitter, half of whom sprung up after he posted the fake infographic,” a Slate article stated.

Cohen claimed it was all in good fun, telling Slate “the purposes of these actions were strictly for entertainment. I did not foresee it reaching many people who would not understand it was a joke.”

“I think the danger of violence being incited from jokes on the Internet is relatively low compared to the danger of violence being incited from people learning how they will be affected by policy,” he said. “If conservatives are actually arguing that, it feels wildly hypocritical given their defense of the current rise in hateful rhetoric and incitement of violence against people for their identity (race, religion, gender) as falling under the purview of free speech.”

It wasn’t immediately clear at press time if Cohen supports the totalitarianism-loving domestic terrorists of Antifa, but it is hard to imagine him disliking them.

The Antifa call themselves anti-fascist activists even though they use violent tactics pioneered by the real-live fascist storm-troopers of Weimar Germany, the Sturmabteilung (SA). These Antifa goons opposed the Nazis but eagerly copied their tactics, using their fists to shut down political opponents and break up meetings and rallies. Some Antifa today even dress like Nazis, wearing black and red, the anarchist colors which traditionally have also been used by Nazis.

Antifa, which as a group has been warmly embraced by many Democrats, have regained prominence in the post-Obama era by assaulting conservatives and Trump supporters. The hyper-violent anarchists and communists of the Antifa movement are notorious for promiscuously labeling those they target as fascists, Nazis, and racists, in the absence of evidence.

Like Alexander Micah Cohen, Antifa activists and their supporters think it is hilarious when conservatives and Republicans are killed and maimed.