Stop the Ruthless Corruption at the UN and in the USA

Do we need another wake up call?

The recent Security Council UN resolution against Israel’s settlements in disputed land is a clear indication of corruption in both the UN and the current United States of America administration, led by President Barak Obama.

Currently in the Middle East, thousands of innocent Yazidis, Sunnies, Kurds, and other Arab populations are being slaughtered across Arab countries, including Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and others. You’ve seen the terribly sad pictures in the media of injured, shell-shocked children being pulled from rubble. Yet the UN chooses to focus on Israel during these horrible times for the Middle East - the one democratic, stable country in the region (which even provides healthcare to many of the victims of the above atrocities). Worse, the United States of America, Israel’s ally, didn’t veto or vote against this resolution. On the contrary, while Egypt withdrew this resolution, President Obama and other key players pushed for this resolution to be brought to a vote, ignoring the longstanding USA policy (in place since President Lyndon B. Johnson) to let this dispute be resolved peacefully between the involved parties.

Not only are the contents of the resolution questionable and inappropriately prejudiced, but the blatant choice of the UN to target Israel, along with the Obama Administration’s “abstain” cannot be ignored or explained away.

This is what we get when we are dealing with powerful, malicious, self serving leaders, in a world which is not willing to recognize, or take position against, evil. 

The unfortunate reality is, that Palestinian authorities have refused to recognize Israel as a Jewish State and continue to support terror and incitement of their population of all ages, against Israel. This not only undermines current peace attempts, but also debilitates potential future peace processes. With this resolution in place, those who wish to have Israel off the map are going to be emboldened to refuse any peace treaties going forward and continue their Jihad with hatred and violence. This will hurt not only the Jews, but also the Christians and the moderate Muslims, who were looking forward to seeing a serious move toward peace under the next USA administration.

Emboldening radicals, in the Middle East and elsewhere, can never bring peace, as it’s been proven repeatedly in the past. Giving the Sudetenland to Hitler did not prevent the Second World War; leaving Iraq in a hurry, facilitated the rise of ISIL and did not help the citizens of Iraq; and ignoring the use of lethal gas by the government of Syria, did not prevent the civil war and the attempted brutal genocide of the Yazidis, the Sunnies and the Kurds. 

I do not know when the oblivious citizens of the “free world” will wake up, but the sooner that it will happen, the better it will be for the future of mankind.

What can we do now?

First of all, we should brace ourselves for a rocky New Year, and while we are doing so, we should learn diligently the real truth and the facts, separating them from malicious propaganda and disinformation. 

Second, we should encourage all sane political leaders and the remaining honest members of the media and the academia, to take a brave position, stating clearly their dissatisfaction from irresponsible unilateral actions, domestically and internationally. These people in positions of influence can help perpetuate voices of reason to change the dialogue currently happening around these issues.

Third, we must hold the UN organization accountable and let them know that we will not support them financially if they act maliciously and irresponsibly, by encouraging our representatives to take steps towards advancing this type of legislation.

Fourth, we should expose the lies and the deceit of the radicals and those who are under their influence, by sharing the facts and the truth, which are anchored in relevant and responsible legal arguments, with as many people as we can.

Fifth, we should help people understand that if those with malicious intent prevail, all people, irrespective of their political opinions or religious affiliations, will have their personal freedom and welfare seriously compromised.

The future of the free world depends on each and every one of us to take a stand and promote the truth. Without knowledge of what’s truly right and wrong, even good people can make grave mistakes.