Superhero Comic Books, From Fighting America’s Enemies to Submitting to Them

Marvel and DC Comics ignore Jihad - and push Islamic propaganda through their Muslim superheroes.

Do you recall, during World War Two, when comic book publishers published German and Japanese superheroes, with no mention of the war going on in their stories? No? Well, that’s what Marvel and DC Comics are doing today with their Muslim superhero comic books, which completely ignore the Only reason we began speaking about Islam-Jihad.

There’s no demand for Muslim superheroes, not in the marketplace, not from comic book fans, not even from Muslims. But there is a demand for superheroes to take on Jihad. But I’ll get back to that later.

Marvel Comics recently cancelled low-selling gay, black and female superhero comic books, and yet their low-selling Muslim superhero comic book continues to be published. The reason Marvel first published its Muslim superhero is because Marvel’s leftist editors were too afraid to turn down the idea from their Muslim editor, Sana Amanat, who knew she could roll them easily. And the reason they won’t cancel it is out of fear that real world Muslims won’t be like the ones they’re invested in portraying in their fantasy world. They published it out of fear and they won’t cancel it out of fear. And now she might appear in Marvel’s movies, out of fear.

Marvel’s Muslim superhero is named Ms. Marvel, which she adopted from the original Ms. Marvel in the comics, in order to make this new character appear familiar. We’re told that she idolizes superheroes, and that they’re her inspiration, which is very Un-Islamic, but very American. So if there’s anything appealing about her, it’s the things that have nothing to do with Islam, but have to do with her being an American who’s inspired- not by Islam –but by American superheroes. Here’s an article I wrote five years ago at PJ Media, anticipating this further Islamization of American comics, called 10 Truths Mainstream Comic Books Evade to Promote ‘Muslim Superheroes’

Ms. Marvel’s name is Kamala Khan, a teenage “Pakistani American” living in New Jersey with her Muslim family. She’s likely based on her creator, Sana Amanat, who appears Western, but who also wears a kaffiya, a scarf made famous by terrorist Yassir Arafat, at comic book conventions. And it was recently revealed that Amanat deleted old, racist tweets where she wrote tweets such as “One day we will all be brown.” Flip that to “white”, and someone gets fired instantly. Ms. Marvel’s writer is G Willow Wilson, a post-911 American convert to Islam, who’s a fusion of leftist/Muslim, and who feels the need to not only wear a headscarf, but full Islamic robes wherever she goes. Why doesn’t Ms. Marvel wear a headscarf like her writer does? Because Marvel doesn’t want to alienate even more readers. I read an interview a few years ago with Sana Amanat, where she was discussing Ms. Marvel’s origins, and she mentioned that she initially considered giving her the power to blow herself up, and Amanat laughed and said how that wasn’t going to work. Yeah, because real life Muslims blow themselves up every day, something that the comic book completely ignores. Marvel ended up giving her powers that they clearly didn’t put much thought into, as the entire point of their Muslim editor was to force a Muslim superhero down the throats of comic book readers. Ms. Marvel wears a full body-covering “burkini”, and a mask around her eyes. Her suit is red and blue, with no Islamic green in sight. Her powers are that she can stretch, deform or expand any part of her body.

Despite Marvel’s best efforts of shoehorning Ms. Marvel into every popular comic book they can, whether its Spider-Man, Wolverine, X-men, etc., having her join one superhero group after another, The Avengers, the Champions, Secret Warriors, her sales keep dropping month after month. The sales for April 2018 were its lowest, below cancellation level, 13,000 shipped. Not sold, but shipped, as Marvel has a nasty habit of over shipping their low-selling comics onto retailers, in order to boost their dwindling numbers. But all that won’t stop Marvel from putting her in their movies. Someone at the BBC, who I assume was Muslim, asked the head of Marvel Studios if their Muslim superhero will appear in their films, and he answered yes. The head of Marvel Studios, who Never mentioned Marvel’s Muslim superhero before, was all of a sudden asked about her, and automatically said yes, she’ll be in movies. The superheroes in Marvel’s movies are from the 1960’s. They’ve stood the test of time. And now a character who’s only a few years old, who shares the ideology of the enemy at war with us, will be fighting alongside the Avengers? I dare Marvel to give the character her own movie, the way they’ve given her her own comic book, and advertise it loudly that she’s a Muslim. Because they want it every which way. They speak of her as their “first Muslim superhero”, and then they keep that fact clear from a lot of the advertizing. And then they have her craving bacon on the first page of her first issue, while on the cover she’s carrying a copy of the hadith, which is a collection of the doings and sayings of Mohammad, which only devout Muslims would be reading.

DC Comics began this full blown submission to Islam in 2010 by allowing its three major superheroes, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, to team up with “The 99”, a group of Muslim superheroes created by a Muslim. A Muslim who giddily mentioned how Obama personally praised him for his efforts at an event. Even with these major heavyweight characters, the series bombed, and ‘The 99” are nowhere to be found today. I wrote about it here, as well as how my criticism of Batman franchising a Muslim counterpart landed me on The Daily Show. (please ignore Google’s “content warning”)

So my accompanying cartoon, above, shows how corrupt our culture has become. American superheroes used to fight America’s real world enemies. Now, today’s real world Islamic enemies are erased from the comics, with a fantasy version of Islam and Muslims in its place. Seventeen years after 911, with the Islamic enemy still undefeated, and Marvel and DC Comics think they can get away with making the ideology motivating the war on us appear benign. This is an outrage, an absolute outrage. But we’ve become so corrupt that even saying it’s an outrage is considered an outrage.

I was raised Muslim in the Bronx, New York. I fell in love with superhero comic books as a kid. I dreamed of writing and drawing them one day. I was working on my first graphic novel when 911 hit. The atrocity shook me to my core. I studied Islam as if my life depended on it, to know the enemy, to write and draw a story that would tell the truth about what we were facing, and why we refuse to face it. If you want to see an American superhero take on today’s Islamic enemy, check out my comic book, The Infidel, featuring Pigman.