Tale of the Two-Timing Terrorist

It’s time for Israel to kick two-timing terrorist supporters out of its house.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

When Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited Israel’s parliament, he was heckled by Muslim politicians. Netanyahu told the conservative Canadian leader that the presence of a vocal opposition was the difference between Israel and Syria.

The leader of the Muslim hecklers pointed at parliamentarian Talab Abu-Arar and howled, “There is no water or electricity in his village. Perhaps in Syria they have such things.”

As it turned out, Talab Abu-Arar not only had water, electricity, air conditioners, high speed internet and a satellite television dish, the Muslim Brotherhood politician also had two wives.

Abu Arar had gotten “almost ten children” out of his first wife, but the middle-aged Imam added a second twenty-year old wife. Unfortunately the devout Muslim leader was apparently unable to get permission from his first wife which made the arrangement illegal under the infidel law of the Zionist entity.

Not only does the Israeli apartheid state interfere with cultural practices like beating wives and honor killing them, but it humiliates a Muslim man by telling him to ask his wife to let him get another wife.

While Islamic law does not require that a Muslim man get permission from his wife to expand his harem, Israel does. Talab Abu-Arar, who waged a persistent campaign against Israel, apparently could not overcome this sudden alliance between his wife and the Zionist devil. Much as Abu-Arar denounced Israel’s opposition to polygamy as “anti-democratic” in the Knesset, there was no way around it.

He couldn’t fight both Israel and his wife.

And so Wife #2, recognized by Islamic law, but illegal under Israeli law, lives in a separate house. Officially the second wife, who added more children to the clan, is only a mistress. But unofficially, Abu Arar, the head of a mosque in his village, appeared to have begun scouting for Wife #3 or Mistress #2.

Depending on how you keep count in the Arara drama of “As the Oasis Turns”.

Talab Abu-Arar’s official email address for Israel’s Knesset, its parliament, appeared on the list of addresses leaked from “dating” website Ashley Madison for men who want to cheat on their wives.

In his case, it was literally “wives”.

Like Anthony Weiner, another philandering politician with Muslim Brotherhood links, Talab Abu-Arar blamed “hackers” who had “signed up my email in order to damage my good name”. It’s unclear why a hacker would have wanted to covertly set up an account that no one outside the site’s management would know about or how these hackers would have managed to confirm his email.

Or how revealing that a man with an official mistress was seeking seventy-one more, even before martyrdom, could possibly damage his good name.

There are of course more damning things about Talab Abu-Arar than an alleged frantic attempt to hit the four-wife limit before he hits fifty.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Israel is divided into different sections. While Hamas is the best known of these, the Brotherhood also operates as the “Islamic Movement in ‘48 Palestine”. Typical of the Muslim Brotherhood’s two-faced strategy, the “Movement” is split between the “extremist” northern branch and the “moderate” southern branch.

Both want to destroy Israel, but only the southern “moderates” do it by running for public office.

Ibrahim Sarsour, the head of the southern Islamic movement, sat in the Knesset and promised to build a “Bridge between Israeli Jews and the Arab and Muslim world.” The details of the architecture of that wonderful bridge however involved destroying Israel and establishing a caliphate in Jerusalem.

Like Abu Arar, Sarsour was a two-timer. While he was setting up dates with liberal Jewish leaders and promising them a bridge to the 7th century, he was also dating Hamas leaders. A Muslim Brotherhood politician who participates in political activities in an infidel country is always a two-timer. His ultimate allegiance is to the Islamic State, the thousand-year Reich of the Caliphate to be built on the ashes and bones of the people of the land his movement is colonizing.

The “moderate” and the “extreme” branches of the Islamic Movement share the same destructive goals as Hamas. When they aren’t looking for new wives on Ashley Madison, they’re trying to destroy Israel.

The roots of the Islamic Movement in Israel go back to Hitler’s Mufti who was named the first director of the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Mufti wasn’t around due to his Nazi connections, but the Brotherhood had also been allied with the Nazis.  During Israel’s War of Independence, its forces invaded Israel with some 10,000 fighters in an attempt to exterminate the Jews.

A battalion of Brotherhood butchers went after the village of Kfar Darom where 400 men, women and children were defended by forty-five Israeli militia members. The Brotherhood’s Jihadists attacked and were beaten back. They launched an artillery barrage against the small village, but like many of the rockets fired by their Hamas descendants, the shelling fell short and instead killed the terrorists.

The Muslim Brotherhood had tanks, and the Jewish defenders were short on ammo and food, but the village held out for two months. Among the Muslim Brotherhood attackers was an Egyptian who would eventually become the face of the imaginary “Palestinian” people. His name was Yasser Arafat.

 The myth of the moderate and the extremist terrorist is like the myth of the faithful cheating husband.

Arafat, Al Qaeda, Hamas and the branches of the Islamic Movement are all the same thing. It’s all the Muslim Brotherhood and behind the fronts, facades and false faces, the agenda is mass murder.

The “moderate” southern Islamic movement is the one whose kindergartens teach children to chant, “O Allah, slaughter them. O Allah, make widows of Jewish women… make orphans of their children.”

When Abu Arar isn’t searching for his 72 virgins, he is out giving interviews to Hamas publications or declaring that Jews have no right to pray at the site of their own temple, which is now under Muslim occupation, because “Any non-Muslim person has no right to pray at the holy Aqsa Mosque.”

“It should be closed all the time to Jews,” Abu Arar said.

This is true Apartheid.

Talab Abu-Arar, like the rest of the Islamic Movement politicians in the Knesset, is “cheating” on Israel, but like his double marriage, it’s an obvious adultery. No one expects a man who openly flaunts two wives to be faithful and no one should expect Muslim Brotherhood members to be loyal to whichever country they happen to be living and plotting in.

When the adultery is this obvious, it’s time for a divorce. In political terms that means booting Abu Arar and his confederates out of Israel’s parliament to give them more time to look for Wife #3 or #4.

The spectacle of terrorist supporters who openly advocate for Israel’s destruction sitting in its parliament is obscene all the more so because Israelis on the far right have been banned from running for public office for far less than the Jihadists of the Joint List. A political movement allied with the enemies of a country in order to destroy it is an enemy organization and should be treated that way.

As the Ashley Madison user names are leaked, unfaithful men will be getting kicked out of homes. It’s time for Israel to kick the two-timing terrorist supporters out of its house.