Taxes and the Tale of Two Cities

Two sets of tax rules for those inside and outside the Democratic Party power structure.

[](/sites/default/files/uploads/2014/11/obamasharpton.jpg)In America and in New York City – much like anywhere else with law and order, there must be boundaries and rules.  There can’t be two sets of rules.

Reverend Al Sharpton is a fixture for New Yorkers, and in the last few years, left-leaning cable news viewers have come to rely on his political and social commentary. Love him or hate him, he has been around forever and his brand has matured since the Tawana Brawley days.  Particularly in the current de Blasio administration, Sharpton has grown quite powerful; so powerful, that, as the New York Post says, he dictates policy to the police commissioner. He is also very close with President Barack Obama, the United States Commander-in-chief.

Leaving aside Sharpton’s “colorful” history, how is it possible that powerful elected officials in this nation associate with and take advice from a national leader who does not pay his taxes?  Politicians avoid shady characters, and taxes are a matter of fact issue (which in fact pays the salaries of these folks.)

As the uber-liberal New York Times reported today, in records they reviewed it was apparent that Sharpton owes, “more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses.”  While Sharpton’s friends de Blasio and Obama have been in power, his tax bills have grown – and the organization which he runs, the National Action Network, has not paid federal payroll taxes.

Maybe the IRS has been too busy harassing the Tea Party to look at people on their own side of the political fence.

During the 2012 election cycle, billionaire Sheldon Adelson, an outspoken Republican donor, said a second Obama term would bring government “vilification of people that were against him [Obama].” In 2013 his words came true when the IRS admitted that conservative organizations were unfairly targeted and audited during the 2012 election.

Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice said the IRS’s activity was “McCarthyism” – and, in fact, the Obama Administration targets and harasses conservatives while allowing Obama allies to openly cheat the system.  During the 2012 election billionaire Frank VanderSloot raised up to $5 million for Romney’s campaign.  He was labeled by Obama election propaganda as a “presidential enemy;” and soon after, this American businessman – who had never before had legal issues — was audited by the Labor Department and IRS.

In this tale of two cities – or of two countries, where some of us pay taxes, and some do not – right-wingers have been harassed unfairly by the IRS, while left-wingers who evade taxes are giving counsel and setting policy. Are these American tactics or is Obama learning from Putin?

Do Obama and de Blasio ask Sharpton about taxes when he whispers in their ears? Does anyone in their offices even care that he is in violation of American law?

It is ridiculous that Reverend Al Sharpton has a different set of rules than the rest of America.  Reverend Al: Pay your taxes.

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