Trump's Candor, Animals and MS-13

What the Left’s feigned anger about our president's honesty really reveals.

President Trump recently used the term “animals” in referring to members of MS-13, a vicious, barbaric and murderous transnational gang.

The mainstream media immediately attacked the President and falsely claimed that he used the term “animals” to describe all immigrants.  In reality, a reality substantiated by videos of the President making his remarks about MS-13, the President was solely referring to members of the MS-13 Gang as “animals.”

The lies spewed by the mainstream media, wherein President Trump was seriously and intentionally misquoted, was paraded as a factual news reports that provided the leader of another infamous gang, the Washington-based, “Gang of Eight,” Chuck Schumer, an opportunity to once again get his voice heard. 

However, Schumer was no more honest than the reporters who misquoted the President.

Schumer said that it was wrong to call immigrants animals and noted that his grandparents, who immigrated to America, were not animals, thereby blithely ignoring that the President was crystal clear that he was not lumping all aliens in with the barbaric gang members whose tactics parallel those of ISIS terrorists.

This is the same Chuck Schumer who, at the helm of the Gang of Eight (or “Eight Gangsters,” as I came to call that bipartisan Senate wrecking crew) attempted to provide millions of illegal aliens trespassing on America, with lawful status and even United States citizenship yet proposed federal legislation that would incarcerate, for a period of five years, anyone who trespasses on national landmarks and/or critical infrastructure. 

What hypocrisy!

I began investigating MS-13 roughly 25 years ago.  Back then their numbers were relatively small, but their proclivity to use extreme violence to recruit new members, some as young as 8 years of age (that is not a typo), caught the attention of law enforcement.

Since then the number of MS-13 and other transnational gang members in the United States sky-rocketed particularly as a result of the “Unaccompanied Minors” program of the Obama administration.

In June 2017 a pair of hearings were conducted in the House and Senate to explore the threats posed by MS-13 and other violent transnational gangs in the United States.

I wrote about those hearings in my June 28, 2017 article, America’s Gang Crisis: Congressional Hearings Focus on MS-13 in which I called attention to the way that international terrorists and transnational gangs exploit failures of the immigration system and, all too often, with deadly consequences. 

The article included the prepared testimony of Subcommittee Chairman Peter King who focused on how the flood of unaccompanied minors from Central America flooded America with young and violent gang members who are now recruiting more gang members in our schools.

Here is the brief description of that hearing, and its predication, as posted on the official Congressional website:

This field hearing will examine the threat posed by transnational criminal organizations (TCOs), particularly Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13) and the extent to which this violent gang is able to circumvent border security measures to gain entry into the U.S.  Since January 2016, there have been 17 murders linked to MS-13 in Suffolk County alone. The hearing will feature testimony from the stakeholders related to the interaction and cooperation between Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies to combat MS-13. Additionally, testimony will be provided by community members directly impacted by these TCOs. The two panels reflect the broad cross section of the community required to respond to the threat posed by MS-13 and other TCOs on Long Island and across the nation.

My article also included Judiciary Committee Chairman, Senator Chuck Grassley’s statement and this excerpt of his prepared remarks about MS-13:

This organization has been dubbed the world’s “most dangerous gang,” and some say it could be a terrorist organization. But, you wouldn’t expect anything less from a group whose motto is “kill, rape, and control.”

Unfortunately, over the past two years, this terrifying motto has become a vicious reality for many communities across our nation. So far this year, the gang has been publicly linked to dozens of high-profile killings, rapes, and assaults across the country, from the Washington D.C. metro area to Houston, Texas.

If the term “Animal” is inappropriate to describe these savage thugs, it would be because animals only kill to survive, to protect themselves or to eat.  These gang members kill for sport- for the pleasure they derive from their unspeakable crimes.

A day or two after the video of President Trump, in which he clearly explained that he was referencing MS-13, was widely circulated, the mainstream media had to concede that the President was solely referring to MS-13 when he used the term“Animal.”

Unbelievably, even in spite of this, Nancy Pelosi quickly jumped into the fray and indignantly took to referencing Scripture as was reported in the May 17, 2018 Blaze article, Nancy Pelosi says Trump denies the ‘spark of divinity’ with insult to MS-13 gang members.

Pelosi’s reaction was stunning.  For years the carefully crafted and very false narrative that had been constructed by the immigration anarchists, claimed that “immigrants” commit far fewer crimes than anyone else including American citizens.

Of course, as I have noted in a long list of previous articles, because of a bit of slight of language by the Carter administration, the term “Immigrant” has come to be used to describe all aliens, no matter whether they were illegally or legally present in the United States, and no matter how they entered the United States and whether or not they were admitted for a temporary period of time as nonimmigrants or lawfully admitted for permanent residence and issued Alien Registration Receipt Cards also known as “Green Cards.”

In furtherance of the strategy to eliminate the term “Alien” from the vernacular and therefore, from the document that over the years satisfies the statutory requirement that aliens carry such proof of registration at all time, today such cards are often referred to as “PERMS.”  (When I was a boy growing up in Brooklyn, my mom and her friends would frequently go to a beauty parlor to have their hair treated to get a “perm.”)

How the times, nomenclature and ethics have changed!

Back then journalists took their profession seriously and understood that democracy requires an informed electorate.  For the most part Americans trusted the journalists.

Today all too many “journalists” are propagandists and the majority of Americans understandably do not trust these members of the “Fourth Estate.”

Lawful immigrants are generally law abiding.  They value their lawful immigrant status because many had spent years and incurred significant expenses pursuing their status.

Many have come to America from countries around the world, the way our own ancestors did, legally, to share in the American dream and experience freedom.

Illegal aliens, however are, not to be confused with lawful immigrants, except, of course in the rhetoric of the immigration anarchists.

As John Adams famously observed, “Facts are stubborn things.”

My recent article Illegal Immigration And Crime began with the following sentence:

On December 21, 2017 the Department of Justice issued a press release, “Departments of Justice and Homeland Security Release Data on Incarcerated Aliens—94 Percent of All Confirmed Aliens in DOJ Custody Are Unlawfully Present.”

The false rhetoric and the false narrative created by these anarchists from both parties and in the mainstream media, insisted that the “immigrants” were all doing the work Americans wouldn’t or couldn’t do.  They were all simply trying to grasp their thin slice of the “American Dream” and it is because of this bogus narrative that the concept of the DREAM Act, was born.

(Of course where the American Dream is concerned, Americans need not apply!)

Pelosi’s statement marks a serious turning point.  She has made it blatantly clear that for her, aliens, including aliens who rape, torture, kill and dismember others, often children, are worthy of protection and respect.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she treated the victims of these vicious savages with half as much concern or reverence as she demonstrated for MS-13 gang members?

Incredibly, members of the mainstream media jumped into the battle to defend Pelosi and other Democrats.  To provide a case in point, on May 24, 2018 KITV reported, Trump claims Democrats are ‘sticking up for MS-13,’ but his example misleads.

This article included the following “explanation”:

At a news conference last week, Pelosi did not express support for the gang, but criticized the President’s use of the term “animals.” At the time, Pelosi appeared to be referencing media reports that Trump was referring to all undocumented immigrants, though he was speaking about gang members.

The point is that Pelosi and many of her colleagues in the Democratic Party support “Sanctuary Cities” and now “Sanctuary States.”  These jurisdictions should truly be called “Magnet Cities” and “Magnet States” because they attract international terrorists, transnational gangs such as MS-13.

Indeed, Sanctuary Cities Endanger - National Security and Public Safety.

Actions do, indeed, “Speak louder than words.”

The creation of unforgivable criminal “Sanctuary” policies and jurisdictions Ms Pelosi and many of her Democratic Party colleagues support, constitutes an action that demonstrates their irrefutable support for vicious criminals including members of MS-13.

Could Pelosi and company possibly demonstrate more contempt for the innocent victims of these savages?

Let’s get that language straight.  Pelosi is not “Pro-Immigrant” she is an immigration anarchist!