Truth is the Nuclear Weapon of the New Cold War

Exposing the underbelly of the American Kremlin.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

China’s hackers have stolen most of our defense secrets including plans for the F-22 and the F-35. Beijing’s new stealth jet, which poses a serious threat to us, is based on that stolen data. On top of 40 terabytes of stolen defense information, the OPM database hack allowed China to steal the secrets of 22 million Americans, including Federal employees, and dig into security clearance applications.

The stolen information allowed Russia and China to identify US intelligence operatives.

And Obama did nothing. That isn’t precisely accurate. He signed a cybersecurity pact with President Xi Jinping of China in the White House Rose Garden. The pact was as worthless as his Global Warming pact. It was hollow, empty and utterly unenforceable. Nor did Obama have any interest in actually enforcing it.

The day after the pact was signed, China’s attacks on American interest continued unabated.

The cybersecurity pact started life as an absurd non-proliferation agreement. Its very concept made no sense. Last September, Obama really intimidated China by threatening “countervailing” actions if the PRC did not desist. But what he really wanted was a face saving agreement.

The Chinese, who understand face saving quite well, gave him one. And then they laughed in his face.

Last December, Obama Inc. tried to save face by claiming that the agreement had worked. The lie was quickly shut down. Not only did a State Department report show that the attacks were continuing, but National Counterintelligence Executive William Evanina said that there was, “no indication… that anything had changed.”

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had dismissed the deal at a Senate hearing. Even Obama’s own people weren’t willing to claim on the record that it worked.

And Obama went on his merry way without caring about the lives and secrets endangered by China’s cyberwarfare campaign against our country.

After China, the second greatest cyberwarfare assault from a foreign enemy country came from Russia.

Obama shrugged at Snowden. His former DOJ stooge, Eric Holder, claimed that the enemy traitor had performed a public service. But that was back when Russia was merely compromising national security secrets. And endangering national security meets with a shrug and a yawn from Obama.

If not, as from Eric Holder, with outright praise.

But suddenly it wasn’t our defense secrets that were being spilled. It was the Democratic Party’s dirty dealings. And all the outrage and anger that had lain slumbering while our national defense secrets were being plundered by the enemy was suddenly roused to a boiling pitch.

Obama has gone to the featherbed mattresses. This means war.

Reports claim that the CIA is “is contemplating an unprecedented cyber covert action against Russia in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election”.

The right time to launch such an “action” would have been after Snowden or after the theft of top national security secrets by China. The OPM database hack should have merited such a response. Instead the corrupt left-wing elites running this country only respond to threats to their political power.

The CIA wasn’t allowed to strike back when its operatives were endangered. But humiliating Hillary Clinton and John Podesta must not be allowed. National security is disposable. Dem security isn’t.

What will this grand “unprecedented cyber covert action” involve?

The White House has told the CIA to prep options for “embarrassing” the Kremlin leadership. So look for Vladimir Putin’s email to get hacked along with all his fan mail to Justin Bieber.

The gang of left-wing activists in the White House was humiliated by their former KGB pals in the Kremlin. So they’ll hack each other’s emails to show just how rotten and corrupt they all are. Putin can reveal how much money Hillary and her associates have looted. And then we’ll show how Putin pays for his golden toilets and his mansions. As in the ending of Animal Farm, it’s become impossible to tell pig from man and corrupt left-wing elected oligarch from corrupt left-wing elected oligarch.

And that’s the point that the Russians have very successfully been making. The Kremlin leadership can’t be “embarrassed” by exposing their foreign bank accounts. Everyone knows that they have them. Everyone knows that Russia is run by a gang of vicious thugs who abuse power and settle scores using their secret police.

The whole point of the Cold War was that we were better. Or we used to be.

Putin uses his secret police to attack America and Europe so that he can retain power and go on looting Russia. And Obama and Hillary use the CIA to attack Russia so that they can go on looting America.

How do you tell the pigs from the men and the American Kremlin from the Russia one?

Biden boasted that they would be “sending a message” to Putin. And the message is that our country has its own Putins who love to be photographed, who have their own captive media entourage, who rob the country blind and who put their own personal interests ahead of those of their country.

The message isn’t that Obama is weak. He’s only weak when it comes to Americans under fire in Benghazi or Yemen, when Iran seizes American hostages or when Islamic terrorists shoot up American cities. He’s weak when the Russians and the Chinese pilfer our national security secrets.

But the moment they interfere with the agenda of the left, then it’s time to go to war.

Obama, Hillary and Biden aren’t weak. They’re just traitors. They don’t care about our national security. They care about their own power and wealth. And they are determined to help the left win.

Think of the old grumbling Politburo during the Cold War. Remember those old men living luxuriously while the Soviet Union fell apart. That’s the Democratic Party elite now. That’s who runs our country.

America used to stand for freedom because our political class had the least to fear from transparency. But today our elites are as afraid of transparency as any Kremlin thug. There was a time when the communications of our elected officials could be made public. Today they strive to hide them.

That is what the Hillary Clinton email scandal was really about. The emails are a symptom. The real issue is that our leaders fear sunlight more than vampires. They cannot and will not stand the light. And so foreign dictators can trade transparency blows with them. Truth has become the political nuclear weapon. In the new Cold War, it’s not about how many cities you can destroy, but how much of the corrupt regime you can expose.