Twice As Many Illegal Aliens In US According To MIT

The magnitude of the crisis is greater than has been reported.

The Daily Caller’s September 21, 2018 report, MIT Study: The Number Of Illegal Immigrants Could Be Double Previous Estimates cast appropriate doubt on the true magnitude of the immigration crisis that impacts virtually every threat and challenge that confronts America and Americans today.

For years the media has claimed that there are about 11 million illegal aliens present in the United States.

We will shortly delve into the complexities and uncertainties in attempting to get an honest and realistic fix on the true number of illegal aliens who are now present in the United States, but first we need to understand why the true number of illegal aliens in the United States is of much greater significance than simply a matter of satisfying some academic curiosity.

Astronomers are eager to take a census of sorts of the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy or the number of galaxies in the universe.  While these numbers are essential to understanding our universe, those findings don’t change how we live our daily lives.

The number of illegal aliens who are present in the United States, however, most certainly has direct and real-world daily implications for all Americans

Open borders advocates understand just how important minimizing the actual number of illegal aliens is to their cause.  They are determined to convince Americans that the numbers are as small as possible.  This is not unlike the speeding motorist who attempts to convince the police officer who just pulled him over than he/she was not really going “that fast.”

This is not unlike the driver who hits another car and tries to convince the victim of his car’s bumper that the damage is not that great.

As the public comes to understand how many illegal aliens are actually present in the United States, their likely resentment and anger will rise, and not linearly but, perhaps, exponentially.

This is understandable.

Think of the congestion on our nation’s highways and on various modes of public transportation.

Adding insult to injury, some mayors of Sanctuary Cities now want to impose “congestion pricing” to make residents of their cities pay a premium to drive into the congestion that their sanctuary policies created.

That’s real chutzpah!

Think about how many lives are lost to criminal aliens.

Think about the over-crowded classrooms and the impact that this has on the quality of the education American and lawful immigrant children has, particularly when more and more money and resources have to be diverted from educating children with special needs to teaching English as a second language (ESL).

Consider how many over-crowded hospital emergency rooms are now being used as primary health care facilities by illegal aliens who have no health insurance and how this impacts wait times in emergency rooms and overall medical costs for Americans and lawful immigrants.

Consider how many illegal aliens have displaced American workers in economic bottom-rung jobs causing these Americans and lawful immigrants to become unemployed and homeless.

Consider how many illegal aliens may be receiving public assistance of one sort or another and the impact this has on city, state and federal budgets.

Consider that as the United States is flooded with ever more illegal aliens whose very presence represents a violation of laws that are intended to prevent the entry of aliens whose presence would be harmful to America and/or Americans.  This includes aliens with dangerous communicable diseases, suffer serious mental illness, are criminals, fugitives from justice, terrorists, gang members, human and narcotics smugglers and spies.

Finally aliens who are likely to become public charges or would work illegally thereby displacing American workers and driving down wages and working conditions by providing unfair competition.

Those above-noted ground for excluding aliens from the United States are enumerated in federal law 8 U.S. Code § 1182 that serves as the absolute guide for CBP inspectors at ports of entry that aliens who enter the United States evade because they know that they belong to one or more classes of excludible aliens.

Immigration anarchists insist that “Immigrants are far less likely to commit crimes that American citizens.”  Actually, lawful immigrants tend to be less likely to commit crimes, they value their green cards and the lawful immigrant status that those cards document.

Illegal aliens, on the other hand, are far more likely to commit serious crimes than are lawful immigrants or United States citizens.  This is one of the reasons that the immigration anarchists are determined to expunge the term “alien” from the vernacular and refer to all aliens as “immigrants”- not out of being politically correct, but Orwellian, as I noted in my recent article, The Ravages Of Leftist Thought Control.

To provide a bit of clarity, all immigrants are aliens but all aliens are not immigrants!

Now we need to understand just how difficult it is to actually know how many illegal aliens are present in the United States.

There are two ways that aliens become subject to deportation (removal) from the United States- by entering the United States illegally in the first place or by entering legally and then violating their terms of admission in one way or another.

Obviously aliens who evade the inspections process by entering the United States without inspection literally “fly under the radar” are fair game for deportation (removal).

They may also be subject to criminal prosecution if they had previously entered the United States without inspection or if they had been deported and illegally reentered without authorization.

No record of entry is created when aliens enter the United States surreptitiously, making the actual number of  these illegal aliens the most difficult to determine.

To calculate this number demographers and others try to find indirect but measurable ways that this population of illegal aliens impacts various aspects of our country.  Money wired out of the United States, visits to emergency rooms, etc., etc.

I compare this endeavor to astronomers who attempt to calculate the mass of black holes.  Since black holes essentially give off no light they cannot be seen directly.  Therefore astronomers attempt to indirectly calculate the mass of black holes by studying how they impact the orbits of nearby stars are bend the light of other astronomical bodies.

Awhile back I was a guest on Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox News.  He attempted to draw conclusions about the number of illegal aliens present in the United States based on Border Patrol arrests.  I told Neil that attempting to figure out how many such illegal aliens are present in the United States is the equivalent of attempting to take attendance by asking those not present to raise their hands.

The point is that there is no reliable metric to determine the actual number of aliens who run our borders.

Add to this is that officials in Sanctuary Cities refuse to question anyone within their jurisdictions about their citizenship or immigration status even when they are convicted of felonies.  Many such aliens frequently make false claims to being U.S. citizens. 

Part of the curriculum for my training as an INS agent involved tactics to break false claims to U.S. citizenship.  To my knowledge, no other law enforcement agency provides such training and with only about 6,000 ICE agents for the entire United States the obvious question is, “How many aliens falsely claim to be United States citizens and get away with that deception?”

That number cannot be determined, thus creating yet another roadblock to the truth.

Other aliens become subject to deportation when they violate the terms of their lawful entries into the United States.  For temporary (nonimmigrant) visitors, failure to depart the United States within their authorized period of admission or otherwise violating the terms of their visas.

Without ICE agents to conduct routine field investigations and a failed system that still cannot keep track of arrivals and departures of nonimmigrant aliens, again the lack of information is staggering.

Lawful immigrants are immediately placed on the pathway to United States Citizenship but become deportable if they are convicted of committing crimes.

Finally, any alien who commits visa fraud by lying about material facts on their applications for visas and/or admission into the United States become subject to deportation if their lies are discovered.  Immigration fraud is a huge but understated issue.  Virtually all foreign terrorists who enter the United States via the lawful system commit visa fraud as do foreign fugitives and aliens who may engage in marriage fraud or otherwise procure visas by lying about material facts.

Aliens who commit visa fraud and/or immigration benefit fraud are not only subject to deportation under the administrative provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act but to criminal prosecution for the serious crime of fraud, along with their co-conspirators who, more often than not, are United States citizens.

However these crimes, and the fact that these aliens could not only be prosecuted but deported, often escape detection because there is an abject shortage of ICE agents.  This shortage is not accidental but intentional to stymie meaningful enforcement of our immigration laws.

Before major construction can be done environmental impact studies must be completed to determine the impact that proposed construction would have on the environment.

Where illegal immigration is concerned, perhaps it is time for a similar environmental impact studies that would expose the various way that immigration anarchy deleteriously impacts America and Americans on a daily basis. This is much more than a mere numbers game.