UCLA SJP: #JewHaters

When perpetrators pretend they're victims.

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The world recently watched in horror as a Muslim terrorist murdered shoppers at a Kosher supermarket in Paris. On another February in 1969, two Jewish students from Hebrew University were murdered when a Kosher supermarket was bombed in Jerusalem. Both supermarkets were targeted before the Sabbath by racist killers who wanted to kill as many Jews as possible.

SJP UCLA continues to support Rasmea Odeh, one of the racist terrorists behind that bombing plot. Its Facebook page carries the hashtag #FreeRasmeaNow.

SJP UCLA is angrily protesting posters which accuse the group of supporting Jew-hating terrorists. If SJP UCLA doesn’t want to be associated with the hashtag #JewHaters, it should stop using the hashtag #FreeRasmeaNow. It should stop targeting Jewish students and stop making UCLA unsafe for Jews.

The posters show Jew-hating Hamas terrorists in action. Is associating SJP UCLA with Hamas unfair?

UCLA SJP has hosted Amir Abdel Malik who once brandished a check made out to Hamas, Palestine and called for an anti-Semitic backlash.

It hosted Hatem Bazian, SJP’s co-founder, who raised money for Hamas and trafficked in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. It hosted Alison Weir who claimed that medieval Jews drank blood. It hosted Taher Herzallah who wrote that “Hamas’ rockets are an oppressed people’s audible cry for help.”

And that was just one year.

UCLA SJP whines that calling it #JewHaters is “hate speech.”  If its members don’t want to be called JewHaters, maybe they should stop inviting speakers who hate Jews and claim that Jews drink blood.

If UCLA SJP doesn’t want to be associated with Jew-hating, maybe it shouldn’t have invited a speaker whose hatred for Jews was praised by Neo-Nazi and Klan leader David Duke.

UCLA SJP complains that posters associating it with Hamas terrorists use “Islamophobic and anti-Arab tropes.” Is pointing out that UCLA SJP associates with Hamas supporters Islamophobic?

If SJP UCLA doesn’t want to be associated with Hamas terrorists, maybe it should stop associating with them.

SJP UCLA complains that the posters are “intimidating.” If it thinks that a poster depicting racist Jew-hating terrorists is intimidating, imagine how much more Jewish students feel intimidated by the actual Jew-hating terrorists trying to kill them. And by SJP UCLA’s ongoing support for those terrorists.

Students for Justice in Palestine has made UCLA into a hostile environment for Jews. That’s why the David Horowitz Freedom Center named it one of the ten worst anti-Semitic campuses in America as ranked on the website Jewhatredoncampus.org. The Simon Wiesenthal Center described SJP UCLA’s targeting of students based on their ties to Jewish groups as “McCarthyite” and “cyberbullying.”

SJP UCLA has been the subject of numerous complaints from Jewish students and from national Jewish organizations objecting to its bullying tactics and the spread of its culture of Jew-hatred on campus.

The effects of the hatred unleashed by SJP UCLA were described by one Jewish student as affecting her “mental stability” which had “devastating effects on my academics.” Another student had stated, “our education is being put on hold because my identity is being put on trial.”

SJP UCLA complains that it’s being delegitimized. That is an odd complaint coming from an organization whose sole mission is delegitimizing the Jewish State and any students, Jewish or non-Jewish, who don’t go along with its program of hate. SJP UCLA has even targeted non-Jewish students for taking trips with the Anti-Defamation League, a mainstream civil rights group, and the American Jewish Committee.

An organization that bullied Jewish and non-Jewish students for associating with Jewish organizations is now whining that it’s being intimidated by posters that call it out for its racist Jew-hatred.

SJP UCLA isn’t being delegitimized; it’s already illegitimate. Any organization that invites racists to spew hatred on campus, that bullies Jewish students and makes them feel unsafe is always illegitimate.

SJP UCLA is trying to misrepresent itself as the victim after being called out for its Jew-hatred.  It’s trying to claim that speaking out against its hate is bigotry. It’s lying.

SJP UCLA is not the victim of hate. It’s the perpetrator.

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