The UK's Muslim Rape Gangs and Maajid Nawaz's Hypocrisy

The twisted world of the media’s go-to Muslim darling - and ex-terrorist self-promoter.

The media’s go-to Muslim darling and ex-terrorist self-promoter, Maajid Nawaz, is currently having a Twitter spat with Lily Allen (that virtuous pop singer who has promised and failed to give a room to even one single asylum seeker in any of her several properties, in spite of breaking down in tears on TV at Calais and apologizing to the world on behalf of the UK).

Maajid is using the usual buzzwords that keep the cash flowing in his direction: “the regressive left,” “Muslim fundamentalists,” and then he ends their debate by stating that Lily is discrediting the work of the three million British Pakistanis who are trying to address and improve the situation of the over-representation of Pakistanis in grooming gangs in the UK. In reality, however, the entire Pakistani community knew, and still knows, about the rape of white British girls. They are a close-knit community. They would have seen gangs of girls hanging around kebab shops. At no point did anyone try on-street intervention. They would have heard their friends bragging about who and how many non-Muslim girls they had raped last night. They would have heard about the rape parties where non-Muslim girls were drugged and passed around the men to be raped. The wives, too, would have heard these conversations on the telephone, in the next room, or in the shops where their husbands work. The taxi drivers who shuttled the non-Muslims girls back and forth to houses and hotels to be raped were also aware of what was going on.

Contrary to Maajid’s claims, none of these three million Pakistani Muslims chose to speak up. A handful of Ahmadiyyas protested on the streets, and the UK media were in a frenzy to let us know that Muslims oppose violence and rape. The media, as usual, neglected to note that Ahmadiyyas are not considered by mainstream Sunni Muslims to be real Muslims. They are considered apostates, who have every chance of being beaten and killed, just the same as any other non-Muslim does. Literature in the Muslim Council of Britain and Kennington mosque declare this sect to be apostates, and essentially fair game.

I remember a radio conversation in which a Muslima was being interviewed and she said that the entire Pakistani communities knew and still know what is going on. She was so sickened and appalled by what her community was doing to non-Muslim girls that she took her infant child and fled, for her safety, and in order that she could speak about it, from the South to the North of England. What a brave soul. A single mother, on her own, running into poverty and uncertainty in order that she could do one single radio interview.

Where are these three million Pakistanis Maajid is talking about? I’m seeing a handful on the TV who all exhibit the same tendency of bringing Jimmy Savile’s name into the conversation that they’re having about solving the Pakistani grooming gang problem. They’re not solving the problem so much as trying to shift the attention away from it. Jimmy Savile is a different problem to be solved. And we will solve it, and we won’t be called racist for doing so. We can’t solve all problems at once, and yet if we focus on Islamic rape gangs we’re racist and using the issue as a political tool. The same thing wasn’t said when the focus was on the Catholic Church. No one hesitated in attempting to get to the bottom and root cause of the pandemic of pedophile priests. Muslims tend to enjoy special status in relation to rape and grooming. If you talk about their behaviour, you’re a racist. Forget the lifetime trauma that the raped girls will never get over. Forget the ruined lives so that a bunch of animals could have five minutes of pleasure. Forget the suicide and drug addiction rates we will be seeing in later years as a result of Maajid’s community’s behaviour.

The other thing to note is that Maajid insists, with his spat on Twitter with Lily Allen (who apparently hasn’t yet been shamed enough to know when to keep her mouth shut), that he himself is a British Pakistani. Now how can this be? Unless you’re brought over to Britain after your formative years in Pakistan where you have been steeped in a cultural tradition, how can you be both things at once? Your roots might lie in Pakistan or Ireland, but if you’re brought up in the UK, then you are British – end of story. Maajid slips up at the end of their Twitter spat. He forgets to call himself a “Brit-Pakistani,” and he calls himself a “Pakistani” instead. Very Freudian.