Video: Jamie Glazov Defends Michele Bachmann

Frontpage editor exposes the unholy alliance fueling the vicious witch-hunt against a heroic truth-teller.

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Frontpage’s editor Jamie Glazov recently joined Robert Spencer on his show on to discuss the attacks against Rep. Michele Bachmann and the Unholy Alliance behind them. Dr. Glazov sheds light on the dark forces that engender this kind of vicious attack on a heroic truth-teller. Watch the whole interview below:

To read and order Frank Gaffney’s pamphlet, The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration, click here.nings about MB penetration](/2013/robert-spencer/michele-bachmann-attacked-and-vindicated/) of the U.S. government.

**To watch Erick Stakelbeck’s interview with Dr. Glazov and learn more about the petition, click here.