Video: Robert Spencer on the Muslim Brotherhood in the American Heartland

How Jews and Christians are being dangerously naive about the "Tri-Faith Initiative" in Omaha, Nebraska.

[](/sites/default/files/uploads/2014/12/pk.jpg)[For more information on the Tri-Faith Initiative, contact Dr. Mark Christian at [email protected].]

Below is the video of a talk given by Robert Spencer in April, 2014, at a Global Faith Institute event in Omaha, Nebraska. A brief note from Spencer accompanies the video:

“Omaha is the site of the Tri-Faith Initiative, featuring Jews and Christians being dangerously naive about the Muslim Brotherhood ties of the Muslims with whom they are partnering. But because the initiative is backed by the daughter of one of the richest men on earth, few dare to take it on — with the notable exception of Dr. Mark Christian of the Global Faith Institute, an ex-Muslim who ran away from certain death for his apostasy to safe haven in America, as have many others who cherish their freedom and liberty — only to find the same oppressive force he fled following him to America’s heartland.”

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