'The War of Two Americas' -- A New Freedom Center Pamphlet By Daniel Greenfield

The essential guide to understanding America's new civil war.

Editor’s note: The David Horowitz Freedom Center has recently released “The War of Two Americas,” a timely new pamphlet by Shillman Journalism Fellow Daniel Greenfield that crystallizes the country’s current political divisions and the battle for the ideological soul of America. The brief introduction of the pamphlet is printed below. 

To download the full pamphlet, click HERE

America is in the middle of a civil war. It’s not just a struggle between political parties. It’s a clash of political civilizations. The totalitarian left has rejected the outcome of two presidential elections and our entire system of government. It doesn’t believe that sanctuary states and cities have to obey the law. 

But it demands that we obey its will. And if we don’t, its thugs will audit us, boycott us and beat us.

It has spied on President Trump and lied about him. It has used every agency of the government, from the IRS to the EPA, to punish its enemies and enforce its radical agenda. 

The left rules as a shadow government of judges and reporters, bureaucrats and activists. Its tactics range from riots in the streets to subversion in government agencies.

And it must be stopped.

Today there are two Americas. One has free speech and the other doesn’t. One has elections and the other doesn’t. In one America, the people elect their leaders. In the other they are appointed for life.

If the Unamerica of the left isn’t defeated, there will be only one America. And it will be a place without the Constitution, without free speech or free elections.

This is the war of the two Americas. And only one America can survive.

To download the full pamphlet, click HERE